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Sarah Yee

Sarah Yee, Editor

Sarah is a sophomore and editor of the Sports and Entertainment section. This is her second year on the Gazette staff.


“Calling on stage….. Sarah Yee!” 

Excited, Yee walked onto stage for her first spelling bee. 

“I was only a fourth grader. I had studied a lot but I was still nervous,” Yee said. 

Yee won her first spelling bee that day. She was really happy and continued her passion for spelling. Over the years she got better and better and studied a lot so she could continue getting awards. 

“I actually made it further because I studied with a friend that also made it,” Yee said. "Then I kind of just kept going after that, I was pretty intrigued and in fifth grade, I ended up winning County for my age group, and then I went on to state where I made the top six.”

Yee quit spelling in the 8th grade and started trying to figure out other things that she likes, and now she loves to play golf and dances in her free time. 

She has been golfing for a year and a half and has been practicing a lot. 

I like playing golf so much because it's challenging,” Yee said with a smile on her face. It's one of those things that you either love or hate at any given moment and that is the thrill of it. It's definitely really hard and really frustrating at times and has been the source of too many mental breakdowns. I'm working on it and excited to just keep improving.”  

Yee is a really kind girl but she has some horror hiding inside of her. She is very fascinated by death and she loves watching murder documentaries. 

"I have always been fascinated by death, it is something that has always eluded me even as a five year old which is probably really morbid,” Yee said with a laugh. "I think there is a certain beauty to death and that's why I enjoy watching commentary on forensics, reading and watching murder documentaries. I feel that also as a journalist these things are the extremes of human morals and these are important in helping gain perspective of different ranges of people as someone whose responsibility is largely writing about people.” 

Yee says she prefers to read about murders more than watching them. 

“I love to picture the murders and everything that is going on in my head better than watching it. It helps me get into the book more and it lets me use my imagination,” Yee said.

Yee likes to write about her interests and puts herself out there to show how much she enjoys writing. She wrote a story about “The New Dancer: Annie Johng.” And a story about a book that one of her favorite authors wrote:  “Book Review: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.”     

If you read more and more of her articles you can tell how great of a writer she is and how she has a passion for writing. I hope she continues writing in her future. 

All content by Sarah Yee
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