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Sarah Yee

Sarah Yee, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Sarah is a senior and Co-Editor-in-Chief. This is her fourth year on the Gazette staff.

All content by Sarah Yee
Senior Gerrard Ediagbonya performs in a rehearsal of Granite Bay Theatres spring 2023 production of Shrek: The Musical.

Student leaders talk Black History Month

Audrey Baime, Samantha Yee, and Sarah Yee
February 29, 2024

Senior Gerrard Ediagbonya performs in a rehearsal of Granite Bay Theatre's spring 2023 production of "Shrek: The Musical."

Assistant Principal John Pichon shares his favorite pieces of Black literature with the Gazette.

Assistant Principal John Pichon talks Black History Month

Sarah Yee, Audrey Baime, and Samantha Yee
February 16, 2024

Legendary Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant’s,"The Mamba Mentality: How I Play." Historian and activist Ibram X. Kendi’s National Book Award winning...

#8 Lola Engel shotblocks the ball.

Photo Story: Varsity girls water polo beats Lodi High School on road to NorCals

Lauren Wong and Sarah Yee
November 15, 2023

  The Varsity Girls Water Polo team plays against Lodi High School for the semifinal of the 2023 CIF Sac-Joaquin Girls Water Polo Playoffs....

Jay Smith, a RUSD student, voiced their concerns about the parental notification policy during the RUSD board meeting on Sept. 6.

What we know about the parental notification policy

Brendan Alders, Ryan Kim, Sarah Yee, and Rachel Guo
November 9, 2023

 Tonight at 6 p.m. marks the second time the Roseville Joint Union School District Board will officially discuss the controversial parental notification...

Four GBHS students with ADHD shared with the Gazette the impact of medication and stereotypes on their day to day thoughts and behavior.

“They just cared about the pizza” : one club’s conversations to destigmatize ADHD

Sarah Yee, Co-Editor-in-Chief
October 30, 2023

When Granite Bay High School seniors Anna Hooglander and Sabine Kanz stood in front of their table at Club Rush, they weren’t surprised to see people...

One year ago, I was a youth calling the crisis line. Now I’m a crisis counselor.

One year ago, I was a youth calling the crisis line. Now I’m a crisis counselor.

Sarah Yee, Co-Editor-in-Chief
October 11, 2023

*TW: Suicide is discussed in this piece. Please do not read if this is triggering to you. An alias (Anna) has been used to protect the identity of the...

Teletherapys rise among therapy-goers  and providers can be linked to pandemic inaccessibilities. Yet, local providers note, traditional, in-person therapy is still the top choice for teens and their families.

Teletherapy vs. therapy: what do local teens want?

Sarah Yee, Co-Editor-in-Chief
September 12, 2023

Teletherapy is therapy but online. Teletherapy, and the larger branch of telemedicine it belongs to, aren’t new concepts.  Since 2015, research has...

According to a June 13 CDC report, AANHPI youth were the least likely to receive mental health treatment, a trend paralleled by their parents.

More than a month-May’s identity crisis

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
June 13, 2023
May is celebrated as both Mental Health Awareness and AANHPI Heritage Month, yet cross-overs in conversation are scarce in the AANHPI community.
Students and community members gather outside of the RJUHSD office with posters and flags in a walkout.

Walkout prompts discussion about LGBTQ+ support

Elise Fisher, Rachel Guo, and Sarah Yee
April 17, 2023

On Mar. 31st, over 120 students, parents and community members called for support for LGBTQ+ students by gathering in protest outside of the Roseville...

Lieutenant officers Luke Sincerny from the Rocklin Police Department and Jeff Kool from the Roseville Police Department answer questions after the conversation from audience members.

Cops converse with community about policing in Placer County

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
April 13, 2023

Rocklin Parks and Recreation Office Building’s Senior Activity Room is small but the Racial Healing Project’s monthly Community Conversation is anything...

Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” which promises a transparent tale of trauma, broke the record for most copies sold in a day with over 1.4 million copies sold. 

Prince Harry: Pawn or Player?

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
February 13, 2023

When you’re a prince pleading for privacy, the only logical conclusion is to write a memoir. Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” which promises a transparent...

Senior Ellie Bushnell tees off, helping the Grizzlies secure another season match win against Oak Ridge High School at Serrano Country Club.

Athlete of the month: Ellie Bushnell’s got drive

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
January 24, 2023

On the course, senior Ellie Bushnell’s drive typically takes her 260 yards down the fairway. Off the course, Bushnell’s drive -a mixture of competitiveness,...

Junior Ilan Sankar and other  Team Kevin Kiley interns hold campaign signs  with their candidate before a precinct walk.

Campaign interns invest in their community

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
November 8, 2022

Leading up to Election Day, this Nov. 8, Granite Bay High School students have involved themselves in the campaigns of Congressional District 3’s candidates. Kermit...

Do Revenge, released Sept. 16 on Netflix, is a teen movie noted for its blend of beloved teen tropes from the 90s with modern actors.

Modern teen movies- take note of Do Revenge’s modern nostalgia

Sarah Yee, Features editor
October 28, 2022

Netflix’s latest teen movie “Do Revenge” is a scheming satire that plays homage to 90s teen icon movies.  As star Camila Mendes herself proclaims...

Laura Didier speaks at a fentanyl awareness assembly held at Pleasant Grove High School. 
Didier said the tattoo on her left arm is of Zachs name and age in an infinity symbol within a heart. The words encircling the symbols come from a letter Zach wrote at 14 to his future self, given to the Didiers after his death. 
Always remember our friends, family, dogs and potential we have in life.

The faces behind local fentanyl awareness campaign-1 Pill Can Kill Placer

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
October 28, 2022

On Wednesday, Aug. 31 in Granite Bay High School’s auditorium, students cradle their heads in their arms. Some are crying. All are fixed upon the words...

K-pop group Blackpink released their sophomore album, Born Pink, on Sept. 16.

Music Review: Blackpink embraces era of exploration with “Born Pink”

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
October 27, 2022

Blackpink is back “in your area.”  The girl group marks their territory with soft but striking susurrations of “Blackpink," that coil from "Pink...

On July 15, 2022, former Disney Channel sensation Sabrina Carpenter released Because I Liked a Boy and its accompanying music video.

Opinion: Celebrity female rivalries: It’s not all about “a boy”

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
October 26, 2022

“I’m a homewrecker, I’m a sl**,” croons viral Disney sensation Sabrina Carpenter on her latest single, “Because I Liked a Boy.”  A self...

In a new review process, parents are voicing concerns they have with GBHS English curriculum including novels Slave Old Man and The Picture of Dorian Gray

Parents protest current English curriculum content at recent Site Council meeting

Elise Fisher and Sarah Yee
October 7, 2022

At the Granite Bay High School Site Council meeting on Sept. 21, a handful of parents spoke to ask the council members to remove 54 supplemental materials...

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in 2021 suicide was the leading cause of death for AA and NHPI youth.

Special: my story on the stigma, shame of Asian American youth suicides

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
September 24, 2022
No one ever explicitly told me not to talk about my mental health, as an Asian American, but the omission was enough.  The statistics indicate the urgency that these "talks" need to happen: aggregated, suicide is the first leading cause of death among AA and NHPI youth (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2021). Even before the world reeled from COVID-19, AA and NHPI mental health disparities were evident. When broken down by race, suicide is the leading cause of death among Asian American young adults aged 15-24 in a 2017 CDC report.  This is true of no other racial group in this age range in America (CDC, 2017). It took me a beleaguered and uncomfortable month to share my story; the sixteen strings that represent my mental health journey at this point and signs of what's to come.
Season 2 of Bridgerton was released on Mar. 25 2022, sparking conversation about color-conscious casting and representation of Indian culture.

Bridgerton bridges casting barriers in a first step

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
September 18, 2022

   Bridgerton builds bridges between Indian and British cultures in the second installment of one of this generation’s guiltiest and gutsiest pleasures.   ...

HBOs hit show, Euphoria, has provoked controversial conversation over the lens by which teenage life is portrayed.

‘Euphoria’: Glamourized trauma?

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment editor
September 16, 2022

   HBO’s hit drama “Euphoria” revolves around teenage trauma not meant to be seen by teens.     The TV MA—17 rating cannot appropriately...

Avid political memorabilia collector, Cary Jung points to a beloved relic- a white hat worn by former president Theodore Roosevelt.

Sacramento political collector documents history and his stories through memorabilia

Sarah Yee, Features editor
September 15, 2022
This profile is the first in a series of diverse community perspectives and civic engagement.
Over a century ago, the Chinese were expelled from Rocklin in flames and now, over the past couple of years, their history is being reclaimed.

Including the excluded: illuminating Rocklin’s dark Chinese history

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
April 1, 2022

The ramifications of the 1877 Chinese expulsion of Rocklin have been few, likely because many locals have never known it occurred. Over a century later,...

Principal donors Franklin and Sandra Yee stand outside the beloved cabin Sandras father bought in 1953.

Small steps on the road to recognition: Yosemite honors contribution of Chinese immigrants to the park’s creation

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
March 25, 2022

                        Among the world's nineteenth...

Netflixs new reality show, Hype House, depicts the unexpectedly sad reality of teenage TikTokers and the chase to their 15 minute claim to fame.

The Hype House further exposes TikTok’s toxicities

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
February 28, 2022

Tik, tok.  Imagine you are a teen with millions of dollars and followers at your disposal.  The clock is ticking, your fifteen minutes of fame...

GBHS lacrosse player Campbell Brown snaps a selfie with her  mom after getting a MRI for her concussions.

Student athletes’ revolving relationship with injury, fear and recovery

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
February 23, 2022

Injury and fear are inevitable aspects of athletics. But in an atmosphere where athletics and academics are intertwined, how does their tumultuous relationship...

SHEINs official collaboration campaign art can be found exclusively at Dollar Tree, SHEINs online website and everywhere sustainable SHEIN-haulers frequent.

Commentary: SHEIN shines with new “dapper Dollar” collection

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
January 14, 2022

The promise and the price:   Enter a long awaited collaboration with Dollar Tree.  Gone are the days where SHEIN  breaks the bank.   “We...

The Korean entertainment wave, known as hallyu has been immersed into international culture,  culminating in popularity peaks that include K-drama Squid Game, and K-pop groups, Blackpink and BTS.

Diving into the hallyu wave: South Korean cultural fervor

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
November 29, 2021

Over two thirds of Netflix’s 213 million customers have seen at least two minutes of the chilling K-drama,“Squid Game.” Yet its success may only...

Students face issues with having to balance their home life with school life

The cycle of academic pressure and academic success at GBHS

Saihaj Cheema and Sarah Yee
October 29, 2021

Some high achieving students of GBHS may be dangerously teetering over the edge of an unbalanced scale. On one side of the scale, students stack on AP...

According to United States Drug Enforcement Administration, a dose the fraction of the size of a penny can be lethal  depending on a person’s body size, tolerance and past usage.

Rise of fentanyl poisonings in Placer County youth concerns local experts

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
October 26, 2021

Why have fentanyl-related deaths among teens increased in Placer County? Two milligrams of fentanyl, two specks on a penny, can be lethal.  Victims...

Shang Chi-and the Legend of the Ten Rings released in theaters on Sept. 3 2021, has grossed over 420 million dollars.

Commentary: Shang Chi shatters stereotypes

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
October 25, 2021

The road to fair Asian representation in American films has been rough and at times, nonexistent. But the commercial and critical success of "Shang Chi...

Lauren Pierce strikes a shot at range practice.

Granite Bay Athletes Gear Up for Fall Sports Season

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
September 23, 2021

  Why they play Senior Anika Varma and sophomore Lauren Pierce have both been members of the acclaimed GBHS girls varsity golf team for two years.                  Both...

To obtain a mask exemption, RJUHSD students are required to fill out the pictured mask exemption request form and obtain medical verification by a physicians assessment.

The Delta variant brings mask exemption tension to the forefront

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
September 16, 2021

The Delta Variant has dramatically driven the rise in COVID-19 cases among school age children in Placer County since the end of the summer and the start...

The New Dancer: Annie Johng

The New Dancer: Annie Johng

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
January 20, 2021

Annie Johng is a freshman who moved from Texas.  “We moved because we wanted a change of environment since Cali and Texas are two very different...

“The Guy to be Around:” Richard Grube

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
January 19, 2021

Freshman Richard Grube, describes himself as “the guy to be around.” But for Grube, his dad has also been “the guy to be around,” lately. Son...

The Student Activist: Kriti Vasudevan

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
January 19, 2021

Junior year is notorious for its challenges but this year has made it even tougher. For junior Kriti Vasudevan this was certainly the case. Vasudevan...

A new surge of cases gives way to new restrictions and new adjustments within the community.

A community combating COVID-19

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
December 24, 2020

The Fast Facts (Click here to view the current COVID statuses of California counties) (To view COVID-19 statistics in Placer County, visit this site) ...

Diversify Our Narrative RJUHSD holds community conversations the first Friday of every month; for more details, check out their Instagram page @diversifyournarrative.

Diversify Our Narrative sparks community conversations

Sarah Yee, staff writer
November 20, 2020

Diversify Our Narrative (DON) is a student-led organization that advocates for a more diverse curriculum and inclusive district. The RJUHSD Diversify...

The skincare sensation

The skincare sensation

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
November 19, 2020

Self care has been popularized over the pandemic.  With more time for themselves, teens have  initiated better exercise habits and- more surprisingly...

2020 should not be seen as a curse despite the misfortune faced this year.

Commentary: We should stop resenting 2020

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
November 17, 2020

We all love to hate 2020.  And it’s so easy to. It’s the intangible face of all the challenges we have faced this year. Yet it’s unfair to...

A Time to Reflect: Student Profiles on First Quarter

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
November 13, 2020

The Student Activist Kriti Vasudevan    Junior year is notorious for its challenges, but this year has made it even tougher.     For...

New students at GBHS were not given the same opportunities to grow a sense of belonging within the school in-person this year as traditional welcoming events became virtual.

New school year, new school—now throw a pandemic into the mix

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
October 21, 2020

In these unprecedented times, transfer students have had an unprecedented start to the school year. During a normal school year, transfer students would...

Amidst the pandemic, many SAT testing centers and dates have been cancelled.

Taking the SAT by any means necessary

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
October 20, 2020

Standardized testing sessions are the most recent casualty in a string of events cancelled by COVID-19.  The SAT is a standardized achievement test...

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by author Suzanne Collins, creator of the original Hunger Games trilogy, is the prologue to the Hunger Games trilogy told from the perspective of anti-hero Coriolanus Snow. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes was released on May 19.

Book Review: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
October 17, 2020

   The 517 page novel was a long and intriguing read.    The Hunger Games franchise has long been a teen cult classic with its eerie dystopian...

Students feel inclined to socialize with their friends for the sake of preserving their mental health despite coronavirus prevention rules.

Drawing the line on social distancing guidelines

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
September 30, 2020

The question of whether one should social distance has stirred controversy.  Some feel the issue treads into political waters. Whatever the reason,...

The above graphic is a culmination of all the words used by GBHS students to describe this hectic year. The size of included words are dictated by how commonly they were used, meaning those used the most appear larger.

2020 to GBHS students

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
September 24, 2020

2020 was expected to bring clear vision, yet no one could've predicted the events of this year. "2020 came out … looking like a warm chocolate chip...

Olivia Galvan, senior class president, is optimistic for her senior year despite online learning.

Prime years of high school spent virtually

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
September 22, 2020

For freshmen at Granite Bay High School, this school year was supposed to mark the exciting transition from middle school to high school.  Seniors at...

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