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Registration dates change for AP and IB tests for ’19-20


This year's AP registration had to be completed by March, next year this might change.

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NGSS Physics now a required class

NGSS Physics now a required class

  The typical order for Granite Bay High students to take their science courses would be biology, then chemistry and then physics.   Next year, GBHS students will be taking physics before chemistry. NGSS Physics is replacing chemistry for the required sophomore science...

Nationwide assessment given to seniors at random

Nationwide assessment given to seniors at random

This spring, many students were rewarded with a Jamba Juice smoothie for taking a certain test.   “NAEP is the National Assessment of Educational Progress,” assistant principal Jessup McGregor said. “It’s a Congressionally mandated project and is used to provide...

Commentary: Taking a deep dive into climate change


While underwater, Snow took a shot of the new perspective below the waterline.

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Teachers connect with their classes using social media

   Writing emails is so 2000s. This form of communication has fallen out of the mainstream for teenagers since cell phones and social media were  brought into existence.    Some teachers at Granite Bay High School have taken to social media...

Fruit or Food?

Fruit or Food?

Plant-based eating, is a daily choice that more and more are choosing to be a part of everyday. Rates of those who have excluded animal products from their diets is skyrocketing.     Some may notice that millenials are the start to this change,...

GB wrestler wins three matches at state championships


Kai Niimi gets his hand raised after winning in his finals match at the Joe Rios.

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Ryan Beidler: More than just a teacher

  Math teacher Ryan Beidler coaches a sport, football, as well.   “I was an engineering major in college, so I had a lot of math and science background so, but then I went under elementary education which means I can teach multiple subjects,...

GBHS athletes compete at Stanford Invitational

GBHS athletes compete at Stanford Invitational

   Amidst a competitive track and field season, senior Lamont Mason and junior Jada Harper represented the Granite Bay High School track and field team at the Stanford invitational meet.    Lamont Mason is a shot put and discus thrower and was...

Food Review: Costco Acai Frozen Yogurt


Costco used to offer a chocolate-vanilla swirl frozen yogurt, but it has since been replaced with this acai-vanilla.

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Decluttering 101

Decluttering 101

  At Granite Bay High School, there certainly is a community of more affluent students.   Whether it’s outwardly clear from a brand new Hydroflask or real diamond jewelry, it’s clear that many students are comfortable economically. You can...



  A ‘hypebeast’ is a person who could be described in many ways, someone who keeps up with trends, or as someone who enjoys making social statements with their clothes.   People that fall into this category are often seen wearing or selling...

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Grizzly Retreat 2019

Dylan Rowe

Link Leaders, Lindsey Zabell and Brent Evans, pose with bubble guns.

Decades Rally 2019

Cori Caplinger

Ashlynn Hultman waits her turn to be part of one of the many rally activities.

Powder Puff 2019

Sidney Zabell

Senior Cat Lauth runs at the junior defense.

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