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Sarah Jackson watching her son, GBHS student Adarius Jackson, lying dead in the Every 15 Minutes simulated crash.

Every 15 Minutes Recap

It is a chilly Wednesday morning. A student whispers. Outside of Granite Bay High School, the messy aftermath of a car crash sits ominously. A crowd of...

Students of GBHS sit-in for a peaceful protest during Grizz Time.

Peacefully protesting the way to justice for survivors of sexual assault

Ria Dhamejani, Co-Editor-in-Chief
November 17, 2021

The fight for justice to be given to survivors of sexual assault has been an ongoing conversation throughout the community of Granite Bay High School and...

UCs have become increasingly more difficult to attend. For example, UCLA has a 14 percent acceptance rate.

UC Blues: The strenuous standards of California’s colleges

Ryan Egan, Staff Writer
November 10, 2021

The Universities of California, now known as the public Ivies, have become increasingly more selective over the past few decades with acceptance rates...

A crowd of around 2,000 people were in attendance, many holding protest signs and American flags.

My child my choice: Parents debate vaccine mandate in schools

Elise Fisher, Assistant Editor
November 10, 2021

The FDA has reached COVID-19 vaccine approval for children ages five to ten. Whether anxiously awaiting vaccinating their children or dreading what...

Granite Bay High School’s Emerald Brigade performs at the Del Oro Spectacular at Del Oro High School on Oct. 16.

The Emerald Brigade: Metronomes and Time Management

Kate Rowberry, Intro Staff Writer
November 9, 2021

In the month leading up to its performance at the Oct. 16 Del Oro Spectacular, Granite Bay High School’s band, the Emerald Brigade, logged almost 11...

Local 39 engineers are stationed outside the Kaiser Permanente located on Eureka Road. Their strike is comprised of two tents, around a dozen engineers and the inflatable grim reaper pictured above.

Kaiser engineers going on strike turns into a month-long standstill

Justin Ha, Co-Editor-in-Chief
October 30, 2021

It has been more than a month since over 750 Kaiser Permanente engineers began their strike at 24 Northern California locations. The strike began on...

An exit sign was stolen from the 900 building (left) and a soap dispenser was stolen from the mens bathroom (right).

“Devious lick” trend on school campuses

Antonio Sperandeo, Staff Writer
October 28, 2021

The newest social media phenomenon consists of something not so peaceful. Students at high school or middle school campuses have been destroying or stealing...

The Filipino Club at GBHS strives to help students connect with their roots.

Race-based clubs on campus help forge connections

Saihaj Cheema, Staff Writer
October 27, 2021

Rather than blending in with the crowd, several students at Granite Bay High School have established organizations dedicated to embracing diversity. Eniola...

According to United States Drug Enforcement Administration, a dose the fraction of the size of a penny can be lethal  depending on a person’s body size, tolerance and past usage.

Rise of fentanyl poisonings in Placer County youth concerns local experts

Sarah Yee, Sports and Entertainment Editor
October 26, 2021

Why have fentanyl-related deaths among teens increased in Placer County? Two milligrams of fentanyl, two specks on a penny, can be lethal.  Victims...

The extra food at GBHS has led to more food waste and littering.

GBHS’s food waste epidemic: Do free lunches mean extra waste?

Saihaj Cheema, Staff Writer
October 15, 2021

From 11:09 to 1:07 pm the number of lunch trays strewn across the campus of Granite Bay High School increases rapidly. In most of these trays the food...

Many high school students are familiar with Zooms Waiting Room screen, which displays when someone has not yet been admitted into their meeting by its host.

Reflecting on post-COVID-19 education

Kate Rowberry, Intro Staff Writer
October 14, 2021

Granite Bay High School students are in-person this fall, but the school structure they’ve returned to is only one of the four they have experienced...

Starting the 2022-23 school year, GBHS will begin at 8:30 a.m. per SB 328.

Open the gates! (at 8:30)

Sophie Nguyen, Intro Staff Writer
October 13, 2021

   Beginning the 2022-23 school year, all California public high schools, including RJUHSD, will open their schools’ gates to students at 8:30 a.m.     Joining...

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