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Justin Ha

Justin Ha, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Justin is a junior and one of our co-editors-in-chief. This is his third year on the Gazette staff.


Justin Ha, a junior at Granite Bay High School, is a key part of the staff for the Granite Bay Gazette. He is one of the co-editors in chief.

That title comes with duties he has to fulfill.

This consists of showing the editors how and what to do, and all the stories have to go through him. He also has to design the paper and make sure there are no issues. This may seem like a tough job, but Ha is very excited to get started as a leader for the advanced journalism class.

“This is my first major leadership position but I’m super stoked,” Ha said.

When Ha gets home after a long day, he is greeted by his dog, Luna. He also has a sister named Maya and two parents that are both doctors.

Ha enjoys his life at home and loves his family very much which makes college deciding tough. Ha knows he wants to stay in California but he is unsure of the exact college he is attending.

“California is kind of my dream, because I can visit my family and visit my dog," Ha said.

His sister goes to UC Santa Barbara which is right on the ocean. He expresses interest in going there. In college he is hoping to keep at it and major in journalism.

Both of Ha’s parents, uncles and grandparents were doctors so it would be an obvious choice for him to be a doctor right?

No, Ha’s goals currently for when he is older is journalism and will be his main focus in college. He admits he has given up on his parents’ dreams of him becoming a doctor but he says he will still go for a minor in science when he is in college.

“So, I think I’ve given up on my parents’ dreams of me being a doctor,” Ha said.

When Ha is not doing all his duties for journalism, he has some fun activities he enjoys doing in his free time. He is on the swim team for Granite Bay, plays video games and loves to unicycle. He is part of a uni-cycling group where they ride and do tricks like juggling (another one of his specialties). 

There are many more fascinating things about Justin Ha and it will just get more exciting as his life goes on. He is very committed to journalism and hopefully achieves everything he hopes to.

All content by Justin Ha
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