Former Principal Amber Clark alleges school district discriminated against her 

In a statement of appeal made public on Oct. 10, former principal Amber Clark detailed the alleged circumstances leading up to her termination and the formal discrimination complaint she filed with the District on May 15th.

A special board meeting was held on the same day to discuss Clark’s appeal to the investigation findings in a closed session which included a “third complaint of discrimination based on these findings and continued retaliation” submitted on Sept. 6.

In the appeal to her discrimination complaint, Clark also alleges that the Roseville Joint Union School District submitted her name to the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing to suspend her admin credential.

The statement of appeal was provided to the Granite Bay Gazette by a source close to the investigation. 

Clark was placed on leave in April 2022 and was allegedly “forced out and told not to return before (she) found new employment to mitigate damages.”

Clark initially submitted an informal claim of discrimination on April 5, 2022. 

Her leave was announced to students and parents on April 27, when it was announced that Greg Sloan would be taking over her role as administrative designee. 

In the statement of appeal, Clark alleges that Superintendent John Becker did not support her as principal, writing that Becker did not provide “an admin team that was willing to support (her).” 

“On the surface, Superintendent John Becker hires women of color in leadership, but he failed to have a plan to support me during my first year,” Clark wrote in her statement of appeal.

Additionally, Clark wrote that she did not receive the personal training that was described in the hiring process and was instead put under the training of new district employees or old district employees with new responsibilities.

The statement of appeal also states that Becker was aware of alleged attacks on Clark from groups such as Proud Boys and Mothers of Liberty, but instead encouraged Clark to not attend board meetings. Clark also wrote that her work received “constant attack” from parents, including a group allegedly led by Board Member Marla Franz.

Clark wrote that Becker told her she must write an apology letter for a video the GBHS wellness center sent out that some interpreted as offensive to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

 “Mr. Becker tried to scapegoat me into taking full responsibility for the four-year-old LGBTQ resource that offended ‘a community member,’” Clark wrote. 

Clark wrote that she was made aware that the investigation into her complaint would be postponed for 60 days by an email from Rob Hasty, Equity Compliance Officer and Director of Human Resources. Clark alleges that he did not meet with her to discuss the investigation process. 

Clark wrote that during the 60 day postponement that she was not provided updates from the District or its attorney. At the investigation’s conclusion, Clark alleges that the report did not include “summarized steps that were taken during the investigation, any corrective action(s) that have been or will be taken to address the behavior, appropriate options for remedial actions, resolutions for the complainant (me), ensure that retaliation or further discrimination or harassment is prevented.”

“RJUHSD continues to intimidate and harass me in this setting by contacting my current workplace,” Clark wrote in her statement of appeal. 


Rob Hasty wrote to the Gazette that he and RJUHSD Superintendent John Becker could not comment on the statement of appeal due to it being a confidential personnel mater. 

This is an ongoing story that is being further investigated by The Granite Bay Gazette.