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Lee Randolph

Lee Randolph, Staff Writer

Lee is a junior, and this is their first year on the Gazette staff.


Lee Randolph rushes into the media room, an alternate universe at Granite Bay High School, a full production studio created within a classroom. A bulletin is expected at the end of the week, and Randolph is ready to get it done, excited for the process and quick turnaround the media team has mastered. 

Randolph worked their way up to leading the Granite Bay High School’s media team as producer and showrunner, positions that have allowed them to learn about “filming, editing and production,” as well as communication and team bonding. 

“We’ve really, in the past few years, grown (into) a community … we’re all really open with each other,” Randolph said.

Randolph values the teamwork and support that the media team has created.  

The GBHS Media class is responsible for weekly bulletins and various film and podcast projects. 

In podcasts and films they have been involved in over the last year, Randolph has taken an outspoken approach to their creative work, discussing topics such as being nonbinary.

“I know that I have the privilege of being masculine passing… of being a white, queer person,” Randolph said. "I can use that to uplift other people who don’t have that privilege so that’s really inspired me to help people out.” 

Though Randolph has dedicated a significant amount of time to learning about the inner workings of film production and is becoming an expert in the field, they have alternative career plans. 

“My goal as a career is to make affordable and accessible service dog training for disabled individuals,” said Randolph, who has already begun these efforts by helping to train friends’ dogs.

Training service dogs to be more sociable or provide support for their owners can give people independence, an outcome Randolph loves to see.

Snickers, the maltese “rat” and a 16 month old golden retriever, Ezra, are the two dogs Randolph has of their own.

“I love their unconditional love and our unconditional love for them,” Randolph said.

Though seemingly busy, Randolph takes a lot of their time to consistently help others where they find that it is needed.      

“It makes me happy to help other people be happy,” Randolph said. 

All content by Lee Randolph
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