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Q and A Seniors’ Last Words

Q and A Seniors’ Last Words

Senior Natalie McGuckin has peaked all throughout her high school years and is continuing on throughout college. McGuckin has taken lots of AP classes,...

(left) Hosan Aazim photo credits
(right) Belqaies Aazim

Opinion: A Letter to GBHS: My Journey From Afghanistan to California

Hosan Aazim, Individual Contributor
May 22, 2024

Dear GBHS,   On the first day, I stood outside the school in front of the entrance gate, where there was an American flag. I stared at that...

Audrey Benner, a member of the dance team and TI, is seen rehearsing.

A Glimpse Behind the Curtain of Granite Bay High School’s Dance Program

Granite Bay High School's dance program is one of the most popular classes on campus. With one and a half hour long classes, and 90 days in a semester...

Photo courtesy of Riot Games/Studio Fortiche.

Everything you need to know about Arcane’s current plot before Season Two (*spoiler warning*)

Paul Invierno, Staff Writer
May 22, 2024

Standing atop the precipice of negotiations that may finally unify the two cities plagued in strife, the brilliant inventor–turned–councilor smiles...

Orange Cream Cake Pop

Refresh Your Taste Buds with Starbucks’s New Summer Creations: Food review

Sophia Hernandez, Staff Writer
May 22, 2024

You’re with friends on a hot summer day, swimming in the pool. While swimming you feel your throat get dry and realize you also are craving a sweet treat....

Photo Courtesy of Printerval

Opinion: Social Commentary is Too Obvious and Prevalent in the Modern Movies

Esha Suhag, Staff Writer
May 22, 2024

Nobody likes being preached at, so I am always rolling my eyes at its abundance in recent movies. The movies in the past year have too much social commentary...

California scrub-jay with sunlight coming through its wings.

Opinion: Bird Watching: Pros and Pros

Kendra Seagraves
May 21, 2024

I think a lot of us students need a break. At Granite Bay High School, where 74% of students take at least one AP Exam, more than twice the 2023 national...

Photo courtesy of Defense Visual Information Distribution Service

From Lessons to Lifelines- Teachers’ Impact on Students’ Mental Health

Chloe Brown and Esha Suhag
May 21, 2024

Teachers possess the power to help students in their educational development, but they can also help students in their mental development. Technology...

Babbel’s exercises can help people develop a better accent and more confidence in speaking their target language.

Opinion: Effective or Not: Can a magic app make you fluent in another language?

Andrei Felt, Staff Writer
May 21, 2024

In 2011, a cute green owl became the mascot of an app that would later become wildly popular. That app was Duolingo, and its rise to fame, along with the...

Photo Courtesy of Sean Camden

A Fresh Start in a New State for Senior, Riley Petesch

Gabriella Santos, Intro Staff Writer
April 25, 2024

From a town with 2,000 people to a lively city, Riley Petesch, a senior at Granite Bay High School talks about his passion for volleyball and the highs...

Photo courtesy of Jordan Magnusson

Being a Coach and a Teacher at the Same Time

Madeline Liu and Alex Speak
April 25, 2024

From leading a team to victories on the court, to leading a classroom to success on their transcripts, teachers and coaches at Granite Bay High School...

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