What does a year at GBHS look like? (Year in Photos)

This year, the Granite Bay Gazette took a photo in the same place on campus everyday. This is a year in photos.

Message from the editor:

It would be impossible to capture an entire school year, but it was an idea so alluring that I still had to pursue it. I took my first photo on the first day of October and continued to take pictures, shooting fragments of the day-to-day life of GBHS, every day until senior sunset. The entire process became so engrained into my routine, that it was only fitting I would stop on my final day of high school. Over the course of a year, I captured everything from homecoming celebrations to clubs in the quad. Some days my frame was packed with action and others there were no changes at all. It’s strange to view the campus from afar, but together, I hope my pictures give a small view into the beautiful mundanity of high school.