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Juniors and senior walk through the entrance of San Francisco’s Legion Of Honor Art Museum.

Are museums a dying art: students reflect on museum relevance

Jack Stebbins, Staff Writer
February 14, 2024

Walking in through the grand, plaster-white archway, senior Irene Vega-Hernandez is met with an onslaught of marble columns and a spacious front plaza....

Beer cans are placed on top of a car to represent the cause of these deaths.

Every 15 Minutes 2023: Simulation leaves an emotional impact on participants and community members

Crisp fall air surrounds the scene of a black rose placed delicately on the hood of the car. Lying on the car and dripping in fake blood is Aidan Ferrante,...

Photo Courtesy of Sienna Rodriguez

Plan Your Future: A Guide to Classes Offered at GBHS: Part 1

Sienna Rodriguez, Assistant Editor Entertainment
February 2, 2024

There is plenty of curiosity surrounding the many, many types of classes offered here at Granite Bay High School. Here is a guide that explains each class...

The GBHS freshman soccer team poses together after winning a game 2-0 against Del Oro.
Photo courtesy of Arjun Kumar

GBHS Soccer: Exploring the Hiatus of Freshman Teams

Claire Shea, Staff Writer
January 29, 2024

Excitement is in the air as the Granite Bay High School boys' freshman soccer team prepares to kick off their first season in nearly a decade. While this...

Perry-Smith triumphantly intercepts the football as the Grizzlies now have possession and earn a chance to score.

The Offseason Grind – What Student-Athletes Do to Prepare for the Upcoming Season

Sakura Watanabe, Staff Writer
January 19, 2024

As the fall sports season ends, the practices, tournaments and matches that a student-athlete had during their season were immediately cut off. Not...

These works are from sculptor Fumio Asakura at the Asakura Museum of Sculpture in Oita, Japan. Asakura loved cats, and so there are several cat statues throughout the museum. Photo courtesy of Noah Lemos

Grizzlies Across the Globe: GBHS students find abroad programs

Audrey Baime, Staff Writer
January 11, 2024

Senior Noah Lemos gets up at 6:30 a.m and heads to school, but rather than coming to Granite Bay High School, Lemos is 19 hours away, headed to his exchange...

Lunch Lady prepares the sandwiches and chicken wraps to be served to our students.

Behind the Cafeteria Counter: Our Food Faculty

Reef Lowell, Staff Writer
January 10, 2024

The lunch ladies are the heart and soul of lunch, serving up more than just meals. These amazing individuals are the unrecognized staff behind the 700...

D&D group (left to right): Krishna Bangalore, Vincent Baldree, Elijah Brady and Brody Schaiper plays D&D.

Can Dungeons and Dragons Bring Education to the Table?

Jerry Luan, Staff Writer
December 1, 2023

   The rogue swipes the magic totem. Roll the dice and add the modifiers. Check to see if the dragon noticed. Roll some more dice. The magic takes effect....

Students take notes in Dell’Orto’s 4th period AP United States History class.

Between Bells: Students and teachers share their thoughts on the new Intervention

Sabine Kanz, Staff Writer
November 2, 2023

Three months into the 2023-2024 school year, many students are debating over the latest schedule change- the restriction of Grizz time. Many students are...

Does GBHS know U.S. Government?

Does GBHS know U.S. Government?

Ryan Kim, Entertainment Editor
November 2, 2023

With the upcoming 2024 election combined with the majority of the senior class of Granite Bay High School on the verge of turning 18 - the eligible age...

Students sign up for Investment Club during Club Rush

GBHS Club Spotlight: Investment Club

Jackson Tate, Staff Writer
November 2, 2023

The Investment Club is one of Granite Bay’s most exciting clubs this year. The Investment Club at Granite Bay High School is preparing to compete...

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