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UC Davis has had a long history of hate-incidents, from anti-LGBTQ to racism, and has been said to be on a list for colleges with many hate-incidents.

Are students and staff at Granite Bay High School worried that the UC Davis hate-incidents are going to appear on the GBHS campus?

Ash Six
September 30, 2022

At University of California, Davis there were antisemitic banners and flyers that had been placed on the bicycle overhead pass and around the campus. The...

GBHS students are struggling to find employment amidst a pandemic impacted economy and competition with adult applications.

Granite Bay High School students struggle to find employment amidst pandemic impacted economy

Sophie Nguyen, Assistant Sports Editor
September 23, 2022

Two years after COVID-19 started and the economic recession began, unemployment rates have spiked high but are steadily decreasing month after month. However,...

Mr. Beckers Dice of Doom

Tardy policies at GBHS

Ava Hammond, Staff Writer
September 22, 2022

Different teachers have different policies, like most classrooms. While some teachers may not enforce harsh rules, some teachers integrate specific rules...

Avid political memorabilia collector, Cary Jung points to a beloved relic- a white hat worn by former president Theodore Roosevelt.

Sacramento political collector documents history and his stories through memorabilia

Sarah Yee, Features editor
September 15, 2022
This profile is the first in a series of diverse community perspectives and civic engagement.
In Aug. 2021, gas was $4.32 per gallon. As of late Aug. 2022, gas prices are approximately $5.33.

Teens struggle under massive gas prices

Andrew Goozen, Staff Writer
September 14, 2022

Even though gas prices have come down from record highs, teens are still struggling to fill up their tanks. Since August of 2021, gas prices have skyrocketed....

Get to know Principal Sloan

Get to know Principal Sloan

Ava Hammond, Staff Writer
September 14, 2022

Following the abrupt change in administration towards the end of the 2021-22 school year, former assistant principal Gregory Sloan took over the job...

Before working at GBHS for 20 years, Mike Valentine, worked at Kerr Middle School and Woodcreek. Valentine teaches AP European and US History and has been a track and field and football coach for over 30 years, even before he started teaching.

Retiring teachers at GBHS

Lauren Wong, Staff Writer
September 14, 2022

Americans are bad at geography

Americans are bad at geography

Ethan Shohet, Assistant News Editor
September 13, 2022

A reporter from Jimmy Kimmel is stationed on the Hollywood boardwalk; she instructs a man to point to any country in the entire world on a blank map....

Tala Al-Joubori and her family gather with friends to celebrate Eid.

Behind the scenes: celebrating Ramadan

Batul Zanzi, Staff Writer
May 31, 2022

“Allahu Akbar”. Each night, the call to prayer begins as Muslims come together. The atmosphere is filled with the smell of food wafting from the kitchen,...

Players can be killed anywhere by being shot with a water gun.

Senior assassin recap

Kate Rowberry, Staff Writer
May 31, 2022

One hundred and seventy-four Granite Bay High School seniors began wearing floaties and goggles in public, chasing each other around with squirt guns,...

While both the infinity symbol and the puzzle piece represent autism, the autistic community prefers the former.

Autism and person first language

Lee Randolph, Staff Writer
May 31, 2022

The hostages needed to be saved, all 12 million of them. The New York University Child Center Study plastered ransom notes through New York City with the...

There will definitely be setbacks in life, especially when you’re going for something that you’re really passionate about. But the important thing is to just not give up and stay focused on your goals and dreams,” Pichon said.

Meet GBHS’s new assistant principal: John Pichon

Aiden Sherman, Editor
April 5, 2022

“Funny,” “outgoing,”  “humorous.” All of these words have been used to describe John Pichon, the new assistant principal of Granite Bay High...

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