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Fast Track Hobbies

Fast Track Hobbies

January 31, 2023

Fast Track Hobbies features a variety of things to keep you entertained. You are sure to find what you are looking for! Our huge R/C selection includes...

Senior Ellie Bushnell tees off, helping the Grizzlies secure another season match win against Oak Ridge High School at Serrano Country Club.

Athlete of the month: Ellie Bushnell’s got drive

Sarah Yee, Features Editor
January 24, 2023

On the course, senior Ellie Bushnell’s drive typically takes her 260 yards down the fairway. Off the course, Bushnell’s drive -a mixture of competitiveness,...

Movie Review: Disenchanted

Movie Review: Disenchanted

Zoie Walker, Staff Writer
December 14, 2022

Another Disney sequel has just recently made it to Disney+, the long-awaited continuation of Enchanted.  With the popularity of the original film, the...

In April 2022, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill to end the teaching of CRT. Seven states have officially banned CRT, and 16 states have a possible ban in progress.

Opinion: Why are Republican Politicians Denying Critical Race Theory?

Justin Ha, Co-Editor-In-Chief
November 20, 2022

It’s no secret that Republican politicians have chosen critical race theory as their bargaining chip to capture parent voters.  During his midterm...

The Forward party has been marketed as “Not left. Not right. Forward,” but ultimately, it is a centrist political party that will endorse candidates from both sides of the aisle. Despite the political world’s mixed reactions, it will likely have ballot access in all 50 states by the looming 2024 election.

Opinion: The Forward Party is a Step Backwards

Justin Ha, Co-editor-in-chief
September 9, 2022

In an insidious infiltration of the culture, politicians have recently begun catering to Gen Z audiences by harnessing the power of social media, specifically...

Mental health clinicians strike outside of Roseville Medical Center. Kaiser has been experiencing strikes like this one since Aug. 15.

Kaiser Permanente mental health clinicians engage in open-ended strike

Justin Ha, Co-editor-in-chief
September 9, 2022

Kaiser Permanente mental health clinicians across Northern California are in the midst of an open-ended strike.  Since Aug. 15,  more than 2,000 therapists,...

75 percent of Black Capitals funding is dedicated to Black entrepreneurs as opposed to most venture capital funds where only 1.2 percent are dedicated to Black entrepreneurs.

Black Capital: Black-owned businesses boosted by venture capital fund

Elise Fisher, Assistant editor
January 17, 2022

Though Black people make up over 13% of the United States’ population, a mere 1.2% of investments made in businesses are in ones with Black founders,...

According to KFF, 22 percent of white, evangelical Christians refuse to vaccinate.

Commentary: Dear Placer County pastors: support the vaccine

Justin Ha, Co-Editor-in-Chief
November 27, 2021

In studying reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine, researchers found that 22 percent of white evangelical Christians refuse to vaccinate. This is eight percent...

Students of GBHS sit-in for a peaceful protest during Grizz Time.

Peacefully protesting the way to justice for survivors of sexual assault

Ria Dhamejani, Co-Editor-in-Chief
November 17, 2021

The fight for justice to be given to survivors of sexual assault has been an ongoing conversation throughout the community of Granite Bay High School and...

69 percent of Muslim women who wear the hijab have experienced discrimination.

The Hijab: What is its meaning?

Amre Abumarkhieh, Staff Writer
November 11, 2021

The piece of cloth around a Muslim woman’s head is simply a piece of cloth, yet priceless in the eyes of the woman herself. In Islam, the hijab is...

UCs have become increasingly more difficult to attend. For example, UCLA has a 14 percent acceptance rate.

UC Blues: The strenuous standards of California’s colleges

Ryan Egan, Staff Writer
November 10, 2021

The Universities of California, now known as the public Ivies, have become increasingly more selective over the past few decades with acceptance rates...

According to Paige Sweet, gaslighting is a type of psychological abuse aimed at making victims seem or feel ‘crazy’ creating a ‘surreal’ interpersonal environment.

What is gaslighting?

Chloe Docto, Assistant Editor
November 4, 2021

Gaslight, gatekeep, girl boss. The term ‘gaslighting’ in the everyday teen vernacular is prevalent in this coined phrase; many teens seem to have...

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