What Does a Month at GBHS Look Like?

Since the first school day of October, I’ve taken a photo of Granite Bay High School every day in the exact same location.

This wasn’t an aimless exercise. Our campus is home to so many clubs, activities, communities and people. And while we are often taught how much our environment shapes us, I’ve long believed that we also shape our environment. So I wanted to capture how GBHS would change over the course of a month.

Sometimes the changes from day to day were minuscule. A new poster or a photography class practicing on the quad. Other times the changes were much more drastic.

Regardless, I got a lot of joy from analyzing each photo, surveying the campus for unique details or people. Maybe you will see yourself, a friend or a teacher in the gallery.

Below are all 21 photos.

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  • Oct. 3

  • Oct. 4

  • Oct. 5

  • Oct. 6

  • Oct. 7

  • Oct. 10

  • Oct. 11

  • Oct. 12

  • Oct. 13

  • Oct. 14

  • Oct. 18

  • Oct. 19

  • Oct. 20

  • Oct. 21

  • Oct. 24

  • Oct. 25

  • Oct. 26

  • Oct. 27

  • Oct. 28

  • Oct. 31

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