Photo Story: Powderpuff 2023

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  • The excitement in the air was unmatched as the senior class rushed onto the field, armed with plenty of spirit for the 2023 Powderpuff game. “I felt energized and empowered. It was so fun with all the yellow smoke around us, I felt like all of us girls were just one close team,” senior Isabella Montez said.

  • The juniors warm up to get ready for the big game. “I felt super excited and totally locked in, when I was catching passes I was totally focused and super pumped,” Payton Griffin said. “It felt like a big show; with everyone in the stadium I wanted to kinda show my skills and set my mind up to play against the seniors.”

  • Junior Katie Smith kicks the ball for a successful field goal to give the juniors their first three points of the game. “I thought it was really fun because I play soccer, so when Mr. Dell’Orto asked who was going to be the kicker, everyone just looked at me,” Smith said.

  • Senior Sam Fisher coaches Avery Moll in between plays. “It was a great experience being able to teach all the girls all about (football) and see them develop. (They went from) knowing little about the sport to playing on a Friday night under lights,” Fisher said.

  • The junior offense, led by quarterback Lola Engel, lines up to take on the senior defense!

  • Coach Stelio Lenakakis celebrates big over a senior touchdown. “It was pretty cool to see the girls score, everyone was super excited and it was a good time,” Lenakakis said.

  • A dance show featuring both juniors and seniors headlined the 2023 Powderpuff Halftime Show. “The dance was so fun, literally the best part of my night,” junior Talan Rochelle said.

  • The juniors jumped excitedly after scoring their first touchdown in the last minute of the game.

  • Sportsmanship radiated from both teams after the seniors took the win. “It felt really nice to win a game again since I’ve been injured and haven’t been able to play sports,” Montez said. “We all came together as a team and celebrated, there were definitely a lot of happy tears.”

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