TANYA BAROT: Making freshman year a great start to GBHS


Being a Freshman

It’s intimidating, due to how many kids there are, but it’s more overwhelming. A lot of different people are being put together, and there are a lot of new kids to meet.


Favorite Class Here

Business classes, because I like numbers, and statistics and learning things I didn’t know about. Also, Mr. Patterson is a great teacher.


Things to do in Your Free Time

I like to take a moment to myself. Sit in the grass and just see what’s happening, and then take in everything around me. I really like nature.


Anything You Want to Change Here

They really need a better way to store things. Lockers are a must. I know it will be very hard to provide lockers for two-thousand plus kids, but I think that in the long-run it will be worth it.


Least Favorite Class

I know that it’s a mandatory class, but I would have to say French. I think that French would be useful, because I don’t want to live here forever I want to live in Europe. I’m not so great at understanding a new language. I feel like I need more time. 



by Hannah Wilkerson