SIENNA UNTER: The GBHS sophomore, 14, enjoys being a happy and humorous person


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Best/Worst Qualities

I would say my best quality is my humor. It helps me connect with people faster and it allows me to always see the positive side to any event that comes my way. My worst quality is that I’m moderately lazy – I procrastinate a lot. Usually I find any possible excuse to avoid doing my work. Not as bad as some other people though!


If I was an animal I would be…

A puppy! I get excited when meeting new people; I’m a social person who loves to talk and interact with others. I trust people quite easily – sometimes more than I probably should. I consider myself to be flamboyant and energetic. If I were to be an animal based on my personality I would be a young puppy.


Future Plans

After high school I plan on attending a 4-year university, however I’m not sure where I would like to go yet. One career I would like to pursue is Journalism, which is the reason I’m taking this class! If I don’t pursue Journalism, then I might go into the scientific field. Maybe engineering or something involving medicine.


Necessities for Being Stranded

Well, the three things I would bring if I was stranded on an island would be a plane, a pilot, and fuel – so I could get out of there! If I could bring anyone to be stranded with, I would bring my best friend and my older sister. My older sister is resourceful and intelligent, so I think she would make being stranded a lot easier. Having both of them there would be comforting and make the whole situation less scary. We would all comfort each other!


Glass Half Empty or Half Full

Half full! Definitely. I always look at the bright side of things and try to be optimistic. I’m generally a happy person almost all of the time. Focusing too much on the negative makes life harder and less enjoyable, so no matter what, I just focus on the positives so I’m able to live life to the fullest and enjoy everything. 



by Sarah Kenney