JULIA TOTTY: An independent, athletic, and dog loving student that brings a smile, humor, and compassion to every situation she enters


Rowing for Capital Crew

I love rowing…I’ve been doing it for two years [and] it’s really fun. I love being on a team…everyone’s so nice and we’re all like really close. It’s like a big family. My favorite memory was Champs last year. It was our final race and we were really good last year too. So that was really fun, we did really good!


My view on Granite Bay High School

I like Granite Bay. I mean, there’s a lot of people here so you can make a lot of friends. It’s just a lot of opportunities.


Rubio’s anyone?

I really like Rubio’s. The one in Roseville…burned down last year and my family [goes] there all the time. It’s really close to where we live and we go get food there. We were like the last people in there before it burned so we got like a discount, or whatever, because we would always go there. So now we get one free meal every week. It’s really funny!


Crazy Fears

I do have some crazy fears. I really don’t like vacuums or people in costumes like mascots. That really freaks me out. I really don’t [have any reasoning] it just really freaks me out.


My one superpower would be…

I love this question! If I could have one superpower it would be the ability to, like, refill anything. If your drink’s like empty, you could refill it. Your bank account is empty, you could refill it. Someone is talking to you and you don’t want to talk to them any more you can refill their bladder then they’ll have to pee, and they’ll leave. That’s a good one! 



by Courtney Riffle