SIENNE LE: The GBHS Freshman, 14, loves gymnastics and her family


Accomplishments for the School Year

This year I would like to do well in school,

definitely get good grades, make new friends,

participate in many school activities, and to just

have a good high school experience.


My Dream Colleges

I would love to go to either UC Irvine

or Berkeley. UC Irvine is a school I would

like to attend because my mom went there.

Also, I have a lot of family in Irvine and my

cousin wants to go there too. I really like the

school and it would mean a lot if I got to

go there too. It would be such a huge

accomplishment to go to UC Berkeley because

it’s an amazing school. Also, that area is really



Post High School Plans

After high school I want to go to UC

Irvine for my college degree. Then, I

would really like to get into med school.

The kind of doctor I want to become is an

oncologist so I can help people with cancer.

The reason I want to become an oncologist is

because my neighbor, who was a really close

friend of mine, died from lung cancer.


My Love for Gymnastics

I have been doing gymnastics since I

was about two years old. I just love it, it’s

a passion. I have so many friends there and

it is my favorite thing to do. My favorite part

about gymnastics is trying new things and

even if I fall, it’s ok. I feel like I’m flying

through the air, basically. It’s definitely

one of my favorite things in the world.


Places I’ve been

I have actually been to a lot of places.

We go to Mexico for family vacations every

couple years, which is really fun. I also travel

for gymnastics so I’ve been to Florida, Ohio, Idaho,

Arizona, and Utah for those events. 



by Julia Morris