SKYLAR MAYHEW: Going through the motions of senior year


Favorite Class

“Journalism because of the teachers and it’s not so serious because it’s an elective buts its pretty fun too, I also like a couple other classes but this one is kinda my favorite right now.”


Hopes for a Future Job

“I don’t know its been back and forth between sales, pre med ,and Marine Biology, I’m interested in it because it’s very cool and neat and i like the water.”


After School Activities

“I did cheer when i was younger and I’ve done swim for like 12 years and I might do it some more because it’s senior year. Swimming is a family thing and it’s a pretty good exercise because it works out everything”


Likes about GBHS

“How nice they are to people with special needs,i have a sister who has special needs and eventually she will go here, so it’s nice knowing how they are to people with special needs and stuff like that.”


Middle School

“I went to Cavitt I was gonna go to Olympus but all my friends went to Cavitt so i went there,um i’m pretty glad I went there because all my friends were there and i would’ve missed them if I didn’t go there.” 



by Barrett Robenholt