IVY FRALIX: Ivy is a freshman who is trying to make her first year in high school as good as it can be


Favorite Class Here at GBHS

My favorite class here is journalism, I signed up for journalism because

it looked interesting. So far I have enjoyed it and found it interesting. I

am overall happy I got the class.


Adventures with Siblings

I have two siblings,they are both girls and they are 11 and 9. We usually

get along well and have good times. One of the coolest things we have

done together is……..


Movie Time

My favorite movie is Scream. I love watching horror movies. The last

time I watched Scream was last night with my mom. We decided to

watch it because we both love scary movies.


Last Restaurant I Went To

The last restaurant I went to was bj’s. I went with my dad and his

girlfriend, we actually went so I could meet her for the first time. It

was great, our experience was good and she seemed nice also.


The Last Compliment I Gave Someone

The last compliment I gave someone was yesterday in my health

class. I told a girl in my class that her project looked amazing and

that she did a great job. Her project looked neat and very beautiful. 



by Isabella Borrego