SHEREEN GOLKAR: Freshman Shereen has only been at GBHS for a few weeks but has already had a great time


How GBHS has been so far.

It hasn’t been long, but I like it so far. I went to the dance with my friends and it was “a blast”.


How my brother has impacted my life.

He is a senior here at GBHS, and has helped me a lot with “what classes to sign up for and giving me tours around campus.”


My craziest summer memory.

This summer i went cliff jumping in Tahoe. “As soon as I was in the water I realized there was a strong current that was pulling me away from shore.” It felt like forever until I was back on land.


What sport I play and what job I will pursue in.

“If I don’t go into professional tennis, I would like to be an architect or interior designer.” It all seems so interesting.


Where I see myself in 20 years.

“Traveling like I have no responsibilities.” Also having a nice house for my family and my dream job. Being thirty-four won’t stop me. 



by Nicole Whitten