SARAH KENNEY: The student, 17, plans to make her senior year her best yet


Sarah Kenney

The Sports I Play

I’m on the GBHS Extreme Dance team,

and it’s my second year of it. I used to play

soccer, but now I just focus on dancing

because it’s something I really enjoy.


My Favorite Classes

I have two favorite [classes]. I like Journalism

and Advanced Dance because they’re

really fun and I love dancing and[…]writing.

It’s like two of my favorite things.


My Favorite Dessert

Ooh, that’s a hard one. Well, I love going to

the Parlor with my best friend Tara and having

the ice cream in the donut. It’s special to me

because I took my boyfriend there on our first date.


Why I’m Spirited

I think I’m pretty spirited because I’m on the

dance team so I go to all the games and cheer on

our school. I try to go to all the dances and be

involved, especially now that it’s senior year, and

it’s my last year of high school.


What I Like Most About High School

I like being more able to make my own schedule,

do what I love and take classes I want to focus

For the social part, I like how there’s a lot

more events than there was in middle school. The

dances and rallies are a lot better. 


by Sienna Unter