RACHELl NIMTZ: Dancing into freshman year



“I’ve been dancing for awhile I danced from when I was like 3 years old then I danced until i was like 10 and then I stopped and started again when I was twelve, so i’ve been doing like solidly competitively for like 2 ½ , 3 years. Everyone asks me that, like oh is it like dance moms it’s like there’s different levels, there’s  levels and sublevels and different companies, it depends on if you want to do 14 hours a week or 7, i do 7 hours a week.”


First Experience at GBHS

“Grizzly retreat, I walked in and all the juniors and seniors were there I was so overwhelmed and of course Megan, my older sister, had to be annoying and drag me out of the car. I had been on the campus before but not in the campus, I was like “oh my gosh it’s so huge” and on the the first day of school I didn’t know where any of my classes were  and I had to ask people where my classes were but luckily I didn’t get lost!”


Living in Granite Bay

“I like the location. It’s near the high school and the  Safeway shopping center and stuff and it’s also by nuyo and i like the location. I would be sad if I had to move, but it would be nice to have a change of scenery.”


Club Rush

“I don’t really know what kind of clubs there are, I might sign up for the three strands club because at my old school in Loomis there was a club there like that I got involved with so I feel like that would be cool and it’s beneficial to society.”


Making this School Year a Good one

“I don’t know probably just being open minded about my classes because I was switched for my english class, i’m really upset about it obviously it not ideal, but i’m just gonna try to make the best of it and be open minded and trying to be friends with everyone and try to make as little enemies as possible and just like be nice to everyone and don’t take what people say so seriously just like have fun because everyone says freshman year is the best.” 



by Melia Stout