PEYTON ZIMMERMAN: The freshman who is excited and ready to face new experiences this year


How I felt about coming to high school

I was excited and really nervous at the same time. I think a lot of people feel that way. I feel like it’s a lot of pressure coming into high school because now everything, every test score, every grade you get goes to colleges and it just depicts your future. So that was very nerve racking for me. Also just not getting classes with my friends, or since there’s two different lunches that made me really nervous because even though I did get lunch with one of my friends I think if I didn’t that would have been terrible. So I was nervous about that, but I was excited about it too because it’s a new chapter in my life and I have been wanting to be in high school since you know, I knew what high school was.


I’d describe myself as…

Ok, some things aren’t good so I would say I’m very awkward and I get nervous really easily, but then once I get to know someone I’m very outgoing. Sometimes I’m willing to be myself. It kind of depends on the vibes I get from the person. If they seem really judgemental then I’m most likely not going to be myself around them, but if they seem really nice and they act like themselves then I will most likely be very outgoing with them.


My favorite class

At first it was Spanish but that was before I started struggling with it, I feel like it’s just really hard for me to pick up a new language. My favorite class if I had to choose would be English because my teacher is really outgoing and she has an opinion, you could tell. She knows how to make the class more fun and I feel like her teaching style is very good. She has changed the way she teaches a lot.

What I think I want to be when I grow up

I’m really into helping others feel better. Like my friends, if they have problems I like to talk to them. Like if they have problems with themselves or their families or just any problems they have in their lives I like to talk to them. And I’m not judgemental, I feel like if you want to talk to me you can tell me everything and I won’t judge you. I want to help you through everything and my friends have even confided in me all the time. So I want to be a Psychologist,  to help people with the mental and regular problems that they need help with.



The I app I use the most on my phone

I probably use Snapchat the most because I feel like that’s relatable with a lot of people. I open it and use the filters every day and like to see if there’s new ones. I always make sure my Snapchat streaks stay up to date. And I have almost two hundred of them so that’s important. I make sure I Snapchat my friends every day, I feel like Snapchat is a way to post without annoying people. You can put more things on your story and not annoy people with it, like on Instagram. I have people that I know better on Snapchat so I’m able to be very weird on it. 



by Angelina Kolosey