NICOLE WHITTEN: GBHS student discusses her future


Nicole Whitten

Embarrassing moments

I don’t have a lot of really embarrasing moments, I just have little ones, but there’s a lot. Mostly I just trip in front of others.


Future career

I want to be a pediatrician because there has always been a doctor in each generation of my family, so it’s just kind of interesting to me.


Forever young

In 30 years I see myself hopefully with a family, if not, with some pets, still living life to the fullest because age can not label that. You can still have fun when you are forty!


Favorite class

My favorite class is English because I have my best friend and we’re really loud, so it’s really fun.


Favorite thing about GBHS

I like the people, not everyone is ghetto, and it’s not too big, some high schools are way too big. 


by Shereen Golkar