MELIA STOUT: The student 16, tells of her high school experience and plans for the future


Creating with clay

Ceramics was my favorite class, because

it was fun obviously. The teacher was really

nice and it was easy to make friends in there.

It was just a fun class that was more relaxed

and I could just enjoy it.  I once made a vase,

I can put water and flowers in it and everything!

I was very proud of it.


Growing as a person

I’ve definitely matured a lot, just from freshmen

year I was like, scared of a lot of things and now

those things aren’t as scary anymore. I’ve

experienced a lot more and have learned from my

mistakes. Now going forward I know what to avoid

and how to prevent embarrassing mistakes.


Making a bad class more fun

Mr. Espezito the PE teacher. He’s just really

funny and you can joke around with him and he’s

a really fun guy. He’s not a super easy grader but

he’s super nice. PE definitely wasn’t my favorite

class but having a fun teacher makes it a lot easier

and more fun.


Plans for the future

I want to go to Cal Poly on a diving scholarship.

I’ve been diving for almost three years and it’s

really going to help me get into college. I eventually

want to be either a chiropractor or a physical therapist.

When I did gymnastics when I was younger I would go

to the chiropractor or go to PT and it always interested. 

I’m super into the human body and how it works,

so being a physical therapist involves that.


Advice to incoming freshmen

Don’t act like you’re above everybody else.

Stay humble and chill where you are, Try

to be nice and be friends with everyone,

because then you won’t have a reputation.

Also for girls, don’t stress out about having a

boyfriend because a lot of girls do that. Oh!

And the cookies in the cafeteria are so good!

Definitely try them! 



by Rachel Nimtz