MCKENZIE KEITH: GBHS dancer, 14, expresses herself through the love of music and dance


Get comfortable

I like to be comfy all the time. When I am at school I only wear sneakers because that is what I am most comfortable wearing. I prefer either Converse or Adidas brands. In the winter I wear boots to school.


Excitement of being a future upperclassman

Im in 9th grade and I don’t really enjoy being a Freshman, because the upper classmen kinda look down on us but it’s to be expected. It will get better though. I am looking forward to becoming older! I also can not wait to play in powder puff and go to Junior Prom and Senior Ball. That will be a ton of fun and the [fact] that I will be with my friends too makes it even more [amazing].


How I express myself the best

Defiantly through dance. When the music plays it’s like I can feel the rhythm rushing through me. [Especially] when a favorite song of mine comes on or we are dancing routines to that song. Most people do not think of it as a sport but I certainly do. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and practice just like any other sport would.


Past regrets

When I cut my hair to my shoulders. I’ve never had short hair before in my life. I disliked it so much because I have always been used to long hair around my waist. I did not like it because always felt like it was getting in my way a lot. Also I can do more with it, [such as] curling it or braiding it in a french braid.


Music inspiration

I have found that the certain bands I listen to really inspire me… I listen to bands more than what is on the radio. I do not like country music at all, I don’t know… It is just too slow for me and not my preferred taste. My favorite bands are “Never Shout Never” and [others] similar to that. 



by Makayla Clement