MAKAYLA CLEMENT: GBHS student, 16, has been a soccer player for 13 years


First day of school pro

I felt comfortable with everyone and everything that was going on. It was a little confusing, but overall it was fine since I’ve been here for a few years now. It was nice seeing friends that I hadn’t seen over the summer as well.


Luna bars for lunch

I want to add better food to the school lunch menu! Specifically something like a granola or Luna bar. They taste good and would provide me the energy I need for the school day.


Chewing gum addict

I wouldn’t like the school banning gum at all. I love to chew it, especially mint flavor. It keeps me from getting bored and having bad breath. I always have a pack in my bag.


Fan of GB’s campus

I think our campus’s quad is nice because it’s circular and provides a place for everyone to go. People can talk and hang out in groups […] some of my friends, Iman, Ally, and kendall, and I hang out together in [the quad].


School spirited

Honestly, I wouldn’t change our school’s environment in any way because Granite Bay is pretty fun. Everybody is really nice to each other, for the most part. There is lots of grizzly pride and it is easy to find good friends. 



by McKenzie Keith