KAYLEE WATSON: Newly arrived freshman prepares for the long road ahead


Kaylee Watson

Teachers at Granite Bay High 

“I really like the teachers here. They push you to succeed and make you work hard. They even recommend tutors if they feel that you need them.”


Rating Granite Bay High School 

“I would rate Granite Bay High an 8/10. I hate the gum on the ground in the quad and the overall campus doesn’t feel all that clean. I really don’t like how stressful the school is.”


Quality of school lunches 

“I haven’t tried the school lunches yet, but I really like the vending machines to get food fast, as well as the yogurt selections. I plan to buy a lunch today for the first time.”


Changing rules at Granite Bay High 

“I would personally add a no gum rule because of how unclean the campus grounds are. I would also tone down the student dress code to allow students to express themselves. I think students should be able to leave during lunch too.”


After-school activities 

“I currently do not do anything after school, but I plan to join the dive team because I really enjoy swimming. I want to join in order to meet people.” 


by Bruce Russell