JULIA MORRIS: Freshman lacrosse player


A trip to the East coast

I took a trip the summer after fifth grade to New York, Washington DC and Canada and it was a lot of fun. We were tourists in New York and DC, so I really liked seeing all of the monuments. I think my favorite would have to be the Lincoln Memorial. In Canada, I got to meet my cousins that I had never seen before and go to Niagra Falls which was really cool.


Definitely Donald Trump

Saying that  immigrants shouldn’t be able to come is just really dumb cause I think immigrants should be able to come here even if they don’t have the american religion. My aunt works in human trafficking so she knows what it’s like for those people, and if Donald Trump was president, it would be really upsetting.


Just something I enjoy doing

I’ve been playing lacrosse for 5 years and it’s something that is so fun and i really enjoy doing. I’m a goalie and I love the adrenaline rush you get when someone is coming to shoot and I stop the shot.


My Mom

My mom always is giving me good advice and works hard for what she does, and earns everything she’s got.


I really like writing and helping others

I would want to be either a doctor, journalist, or book writer, because I really love writing stories, and if I was to be a doctor, I would just be a general doctor to help people. 



by Sienne Le