ISABELLA BORREGO: Isabella is a girl in her Freshman year, she loves her family, softball, and her time at Granite Bay! And she has strict ideas for the future


Experience from Granite Bay…so Far.

“It’s going pretty good, my least favorite class is Health. My favorite class is Spanish, my teacher is pretty chill.”


Plans For College!

“I definitely plan on going to college with a major in criminology and biology. So, it’s going to be like thirteen years. My parents both started college, my mom has a PH.D. and a masters degree, but they dropped after they had me. They went far in life, but it’s not something I really have personal experience with.”


What Sport I Play?

“I play Softball. I played for eight years in a competitive travel team. I practice three times a week.”


About Food…

“I eat mostly fruits and vegetables, because I can’t have dairy. It’s hard for me to have the calcium.”


Baby Names!

“The last time I gave someone a compliment, I gave it to my brother. He made a really funny joke at the table this morning, about naming the baby, since my mom’s pregnant. He wants to name the baby Captain America.” 



by Ivy Fralix