HANNAH WILKERSON: A passionate fangirl with a dream to become a veterinarian, Hannah Wilkerson is taking next four years of high school by storm


Hannah Wilkerson

Future Goals?

I want to go to college to get a good degree. I want to have moved out (duh) and I just want to be able to support myself. I also want to also, maybe want to be a vet. Maybe start out from the bottom and work my way up.


Social Media’s importance

It allows us to express ourselves. It’s an outlet for people who don’t want to talk about this stuff in real life. It’s also like a really big, open community. You can talk about whatever you want and people are accepting.


Children and their Values

I want to raise my kids to be open minded, and I want them to be accepting of everyone regardless of their sexuality, race and gender. I also want them to be respectful.



Grades are important because they get us into good colleges and that leads to good jobs, but grades aren’t an accurate reflection of how intelligent we are. It’s more of an outline.


What should people know about you?

That even though i may seem different than the average high schooler that goes to Granite Bay High School,I’m not a bad person. Being different shouldn’t automatically make you a bad person.


by Tanya Barot