GIGI VAZQUEZ: Freshman Cheerleader

Gigi Vazquez

Gigi Vazquez

My Favorite Things About Granite Bay

I love to see my friends, I love how there’s always something for me to do. There’s always something happening, it’s always busy.


My Best Granite Bay Experiences

I had a chance to go to my first football game, I was cheering for that. The [decades] dance was actually really fun. I got to meet a lot of new people that I’ve never seen before […] I made a lot of friends that day.


School Events I’m Looking Forward To

[All of the] football games. Probably the varsity lacrosse. I wanted to do student government, but they couldn’t fit me in. I did student government in middle school and really enjoyed it.



I’ve been cheering for 7 years. [I do it because] my mom, when she was my age, she was a dancer for a long time. She did cheer for a little while and then she moved. I’ve never done any other sports.


My Favorite Subjects

My favorite subjects are English and math, I love math. When you actually know what you’re doing it’s interesting. The people who find math boring, they don’t pay attention and they don’t know how to do it. It’s just really fun because when you know what to do. 


by Julia Totty