FAISEL MAHMUD: The 16 year old, Video game enthusiast


Faisel Mahmud

Favorite Season

“Winter, I don’t know […] I’m more used to the cold than the hot, so that’s why I prefer the cold.  Plus Christmas is in winter!”


Thought on school.

“Ya, it kind of depends on the teacher really, but I like school!”



“I feel, like, education is important and is a privilege because a lot of people in the world can’t go to school.  So I feel very lucky to have an education, and to be able to go to a good school.”


Dogs or cats?

“Dogs, I’m not really fond of cats.  But, okay, there’s an exception for some cats, I like some cats.  But I am more of a dog person.”


Rap is life.

“Rap!  Hands down, rap is my FAVORITE kind of music.  Umm I like “So Dope“ by Tech Nine.  What else? […]  “Honey Biscuits”  by Snow the Product.  It’s mainly just underground stuff.“ 


by Corinne Caplinger