CAT TAK: The freshman, age 14, talks about her interests and favorite things


Kat Tak

A Signature Through Music

My favorite singer {…} is Ed Sheeran because he has a wide capacity for what he can do with his voice, I like that his songs have a uniqueness to them so you can usually tell when he writes a song even when he isn’t the one singing it, which is pretty cool because it’s like a signature through music.


Star Wars

This is going to sound lame but {my favorite movie is} Star Wars because when I was younger it was one of the first movies I ever watched, because my dad is a total geek. I would never watch anything with my mom, I just remember sitting on the couch watching Star Wars with my dad.


A Cozy Season

{My favorite season} is a tie between fall and winter, actually I think it’s fall because it’s like not to hot and kind of chilly. It doesn’t rain a lot so I don’t have to stay indoors all day {…} but it’s like just chilly enough to bundle up in sweaters and blankets and just snooze all day. When I think of fall I think of hot chocolate, fireplaces, and it just makes you feel safe and cozy.


Favorite Place in the World

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I literally have no idea why, I just love it…just thinking about it just *sigh…* It has good Philly Cheese Steaks, and when I went there in the spring, the weather was nice and chilly. Philadelphia is very pretty.


A Dog with Wings

{If I could combine any two animals} it would be a bird…and…a dog. It’s a dog with wings pretty much. {…}  It would definitely make walking your dog a whole lot more interesting. It would be pretty funny to watch a dog try to catch it’s tail while flying in circles. Also it would be pretty great for dogs because they’d finally be able to chase squirrels and cats, even when they run up trees. 


by Kaiya Lang