BRUCE RUSSELL: Student, Athlete & Photographer


bruce russell

Who am I?

My name is Bruce Russell. I am 16 years old and I am a Junior. I have two dogs. One is an Australian Shepherd and the other is a Papillon dog.


Am I in any clubs/sports

I play competitive Ice hockey and I am in the school’s Photo club. My Ice hockey team’s name is Capital City Thunder, we compete for Roseville.


The most influential person on campus is

Mrs. Rider is the most influential person on campus because she is kind, doesn’t pressure you, is  caring, and she understands you. She gave me advice to enter a Sacramento photo contest and I won. I felt really good.

I think the best part of GBHS is

The best thing about Granite Bay High School is the art program. The teachers are very talented and excel at what they do. The equipment is also really helpful and useful to the students.


I think GBHS can improve by

It can improve by having more after school things for stress. The kids here deal with a lot of stress, especially during the SAT’s and I think it would be nice to have clubs or activities to help with that. 



by Kaylee Watson