Athletes of the Month: February

Bryse Bentley

Bryse Bentley, is a sophomore at Granite Bay High school for the

baseball team.

 “Baseball is (his) favorite sport, and always has been,” Bentley said. 

His goals for this upcoming season are perform well out on the baseball field and stay away from injuries. His goals for the future are hopefully to play baseball throughh out college. Bentley’s top priorities in life are getting good grades in the classroom, growing as an athlete, and staying close with his family. In his baseball career Bentley has looked up to many of his coaches, but his father has been the most impactful coach for him on and off the baseball field. “My dad has always supported me and helps me get in extra work during the off season” Bentley said.  Not only has Bentley played baseball for the school, but he has also played basketball, and also plays C. As Bryse grows as an individual and an athlete he is sure to accomplish many big things.

Caymen Stevens

Caymen Stevens is legit. This young man has exhibited some serious talent out on the football field while playing defensive back during his career at GBHS. His hard work and talent has earned him a football scholarship to St. Olaf college in Minnesota. Currently, When not on the field one can find Stevens working out in the gym. He is extremely focused on getting stronger, increasing the weights on his lifts. On the field Stevens is always working on perfecting his technique as a defensive player, learning more about the game of football, and getting faster.

According to Stevens, some strengths he has in himself as an athlete are “ (His) work ethic and the focus he has on the game of football”. Some weaknesses he sees in himself are at times is the level of confidence he has in himself. 

However he has always been working on “Believing in (himself) no matter what (he does) and every time (he) does anything”. 

When he graduates this year and heads up to Minnesota, Stevens hopes to graduate college with a 4 year degree, and get his life together. “Hopefully I can get a well paying job somewhere and be able to buy/rent my first car or house!” he said. 

Steven’s biggest priorities in his life are not only football, but his family life, academics, his social life, and his personal happiness. As Caymen moves on in life everyone is looking forward to see what this guy is doing next. He is going to kill it at St. Olaf. Go Lions!