Athlete of the Month: Molly Peterson soars to new heights


Photo courtesy of Molly Peterson

Freshman Molly Peterson partakes in her main event, pole vault, at a Del Oro track meet.

When did you first start doing track?

“I started doing track in middle school, but I did pole vault with a private coach and didn’t compete in that.”

What was your inspiration to start doing track?

“I was a former gymnast, I just wanted to try something new and it looked really fun.”

Who do you look up to most when it comes to track?

“My older sister, who’s competing in track at Utah State right now.”

What is it like being on Varsity track as a freshman?

“It’s pretty cool, it’s fun to have some hard competition.”

Do you do pole vault outside of high school track?

“Yes, I actually do private pole vault all year round.”

What is your biggest accomplishment in track?

“My biggest accomplishment is definitely clearing 10 feet, which happened this year in March at a meet at GBHS.”

What is your favorite memory about Granite Bay track this year? 

“I’d have to say bonding with the team as a whole, especially with the bus rides to meets; it’s been really fun.”

What has been your favorite aspect of doing track?

“Probably just the whole work ethic of it. Improving over the season and getting better times and higher heights.”

What has been the most challenging aspect of track?

“When our coach gives us a really hard and long workout, it’s difficult to keep working hard and enduring through it. But you just have to remember that it’s what will make you the best that you can be.”

What is teamwork like for track, an otherwise individualistic sport?

“I think that even though it’s an individual sport, it’s really a whole team thing too because everybody’s constantly encouraging each other and happy for each other when they do good.”

What motivates you to improve?

“I would have to say my teammates the most as they’re always pushing me to be my best.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I’d like to continue track through all four years of high school, and then maybe even into college but I’m not sure yet.”

Do you have any advice for upcoming student athletes?

“I would say that it’s never too late to start track and that no matter how slow you think you are, how bad that you’ll be, it’ll always be welcome for new people. Track is just a great way to stay in shape, work out, work hard and make new friends.”