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The Student News Site of Granite Bay High School

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The Student News Site of Granite Bay High School

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Illumination’s Migration: Box Office Prediction and What Should You Know

Jerry Luan, Staff Writer
December 19, 2023

Yes, it is about ducks which do migrate, but no, this is not about “migration.” It’s about a family vacation. Do ducks see it as a vacation? Until...

Expensive Prismacolors: do you get what you pay for? A comic review

Gray Zeitlin, Intro Staff Writer
October 3, 2022

  Prismacolor colored pencils are professional grade and cost over $1 per pencil. Compared to cheaper brands such as Crayola, Prismacolors are...

Characters Halley and Moonee from A24s The Florida Project. Currently on Netflix.

What to watch: The most inspirational coming-of-age movies to see on Netflix

Taylor Langford-Wilson, Staff Writer
March 11, 2021

Coming-of-Age is a  genre worth over 60 trillion dollars. These are films almost everyone loves, they remind us of what it’s like growing into the person...

Movie Review: Kajillionaire

Movie Review: Kajillionaire

Justin Ha, Staff Writer
January 5, 2021

Off-beat, quirky, emotional and heartfelt. Miranda July’s “Kajillionaire” follows the journey of Old Dolio Dyne (named by her parents after a...

The Positive Podcast – The Holiday Special Part 2 – S1E5

Sabine Kanz, Staff Writer
December 17, 2020

In this episode, we get to talk with my Nana (grandmother) about the history of Christmas and some of the fun traditions she had as a girl! This...

The Positive Podcast – The Holiday Special Part 1 – S1E4

Sabine Kanz, Staff Writer
December 17, 2020

Hey guys! I had a ton of fun making this episode as I got to talk to my grandparents! One of them is Jewish and the other is Catholic. Have fun taking...

The Positive Podcast – Meditation and Mindfulness – S1E3

Sabine Kanz, Staff Writer
November 30, 2020

Hey guys! On today's episode, we are going over mindfulness and clearing your thoughts with Ms. Michelle Jamieson from Sierra Mindfulness. Trust...

The skincare sensation

The skincare sensation

Sarah Yee, Staff Writer
November 19, 2020

Self care has been popularized over the pandemic.  With more time for themselves, teens have  initiated better exercise habits and- more surprisingly...

iPhone users have spent hours personalizing their devices upon the release of the new iOS 14 update.

Students showcase their iPhones after the recent iOS 14 update

Sasha Potter, Staff Writer
October 16, 2020

   iPhone users have found themselves spending hours upon hours over the newest iOS update: iOS 14.    With new functionality such as pinned conversations...

Consumers are forced to make a decision between ethics and affordability. Some dont have a choice.

Fast Fashion: The debate between ethics and affordability

Piper Bacon, Co-Editor-In-Chief
October 7, 2020

   With the rapid evolution of streetwear year by year, the overwhelming difficulty faced by mostly the younger generations, namely Gen-Z and the Millenials,...

No Pressure features tracks such as Celebration, Amen, and Perfect

Music Review: No Pressure

Justin Ha, Staff Writer
September 25, 2020

   On July 16, 2020, the Maryland based rapper, Logic, announced on Twitter that he would be releasing his sixth and final studio album under the title...

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