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Music Review: Blue Madonna

Emily Hansen, Staff Writer

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  At the end of 2017, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, BØRNS, offered a preview of his 2018 album, “Blue Madonna,” by releasing a song called “Sweet Dreams.” The song was immediately popular with BØRNS’ alternative rock-loving fans.

  BØRNS is best known for his single “Electric Love,” released in 2015, but his other songs have proven just as worthy, establishing him as a prominent figure in the alternative and indie genre.

  Keeping with the usual vibe of his music, one of the main themes in “Blue Madonna” is, of course, love.

  The very first song released off of the album, “Sweet Dreams,” is a bittersweet song about a loved one leaving. The lyrics describe the unexpected departure of a love, without even saying “sweet dreams.”

  One of the most popular and powerful songs in the album is “God Save Our Young Blood.” This song, featuring vocals from Lana Del Rey, calls attention to the rapid pace at which today’s society lives.   

  The title, repeated in the chorus, is a cry to hold on to a carefree, youthful mindset.

  The lyrics reference the feeling of being overwhelmed by an influx of responsibilities and social expectations, to which high school students can certainly relate.

  “We Don’t Care” is another song with a message about societal faults. The lyric “we’re face to face with our faces” comments on the use of technology in modern communication, without actual human interaction.

  Of course the song with the same namesake as the album, “Blue Madonna,” is worth a listen. The song uses slightly unorthodox comparisons to create a story. The soft instrumentals make it soothing and relaxing.

  All of BØRNS music can be complicated to understand, but this is not by accident. BØRNS specifically designs his songs to have deep meanings, illustrated in unconventional ways are are some faults. The themes in this album become repetitive very quickly.

  Multiple songs are focused on an infatuated description of a girl. The monotonous topics makes it less than desirable to listen to the album on shuffle.

  However, I do find this album to be my personal favorite from BØRNS. The 2015 album, “Dopamine,”  lacked in terms of appealing acoustics. All things considered, the new album was definitely a success for BØRNS.

  BØRNS has an ethereal way of describing even the simplest of moments. The lyrics incorporate imagery that creates a soulful experience.

  “Blue Madonna” shows that BØRNS is capable of more than just the hit “Electric Love.” BØRNS has a true talent for discreetly acknowledging community issues and this album is no exception.

About the Writer
Emily Hansen, Sports editor

Emily is a senior, and this is her second year on the Gazette/ staff. She is a sports editor.

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Music Review: Blue Madonna