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Subway’s Footlong Cookie Review

Courtesy Subway

On Jan. 18, 2024, Subway released some new items to their menu to spice up the sandwich competition and keep their business in the running. One of the more popular items they added was their new Footlong Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Overall the cookie has its ups and downs but serves its purpose since it’s only marketed at 5 dollars. The best thing about this cookie is that when you order it, it comes heated up in their toaster oven. However the worst thing about this cookie is the fact that it comes at a whopping 1,440 calories.

The fact that this cookie contains 1,440 calories alone is enough of a reason to not buy this cookie when understanding the health consequences. Its cookie also includes 70 grams of fat, 126 grams of sugar and 210 grams of total carbs. So overall the nutrition contents of the cookie seem pretty unhealthy for anyone to consume.

When I first tried it, my first thoughts were pretty good in terms of the overall taste and warmth. However, considering the price of the cookie it seems pretty tempting to purchase it until people realize how many calories it contains.

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Overall, my opinion of the overall taste of the cookie, beside the upside of it being warmed up before serving, is that it’s a moist floppy cookie that seems to just fall apart whenever you attempt to pick it up. I feel that if Subway would take any time in trying to improve this cookie, it would be best for them to start with the flavor.

If you decide to purchase this item I would recommend bringing something to drink, like milk because it’s important to note that the cookie just tastes a lot like flour and causes you to be super thirsty.

Overall I’d say that if Subway added more chocolate to their cookies, it would take away the heavy amount of flour taste and would make the cookie more enjoyable. But in the end, the quality of the cookie matches the price, so I’d give it a seven out of ten.

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  • G

    GihanApr 11, 2024 at 8:46 am

    In the Subway Footlong Cookie article, I would want more statistics on how many consumers are satisfied/bought the cookie in a certain period of time. They could have way more accurate measurements on the cookie, like in inches. Also they could have interviewed more people about it in order to get a variety of opinions to see the different in opinions for more accurate reviewing results. I believe in this article they could definitely have more sources, overall it was really good and I would read again. I’m going to try the Footlong cookie eventually because of the delicious description of it in the article.

  • H

    HozcoApr 10, 2024 at 7:55 pm

    My problem with the Subway’s footlong cookie is the supply line that took until just yesterday that it was in stock in Springerville Arizona. That being said after waiting that long after seeing it advertised on TV for so long I thought supply and demand on this must be incredible and it is going to be the cookie of cookies. Sadly I very unimpressed at trying to eat it even worse was the almost no existence of flavor. I ate 1/3 of it and I’m glad that I only ate 1/3 of it. Later that night I will leave out all the details but I was turning myself inside out. There are two things that will do that, one is canola oil and the other is palm oil. After checking further I found that surprisingly it’s not even made in the United States it’s made in Canada! And the other surprising thing is that it comes from Canada and it wasn’t loaded with canola oil which stands for Canada oil, but what it is filled with is palm oil! Funny thing when my mom said I’m going to make chocolate chip cookies make sure you bring home a quart of palm oil! Why didn’t mom have me get palm oil because it’s not good for human consumption or flavor! Thanks Subway for a 3-hour night of sleep and the rest of the time fleeing to the bathroom. By the way I gave the other two thirds to co-workers that I didn’t like and they got sick also! Not impressed Subway.