Round 1: Aaron Tracy on his first homecoming game experience

Freshman Aaron Tracy rocks his Granite Bay football polo Thursday before the game.
Freshman Aaron Tracy rocks his Granite Bay football polo Thursday before the game.

Freshman Lineman Aaron Tracy performed on the Granite Bay  football field on October 20, beating Nevada Union and bringing home the first of the three wins of football last week.

Tracy was really focused and anxious on the game and winning, not the festivities during the week.

”Uhhh.. I honestly don’t know somewhat important but I really just wanna bring home the W,” Tracy said.

Tracy has been playing football for five years now and has shown a lot of talent. He seemed to brush off some of the butterflies through those years of playing, but there was still some nervousness.

“When I hear people when I’m on the sideline it gets me nervous,” Tracy said.

Varsity had a down season this year going 3-6 overall and 2-3 in league play, while the Freshman team broke even with a 5-5 record and 2-0 in league.

“That’s tough I feel were always expected to go out and win and put a show on, but that’s not happening this year I guess there’s a lot of tough competition,” Tracy said.

There’s a lot of time and preparation before a game–some players even have pre-game rituals. Some players like to wear the same clothes, never wash their socks or get psyched before a game.

“Honestly I don’t really have any rituals I do have some superstitions about jinxing the game and I also like to listen to music and get in my zone,” Tracy said.

When the Grizzlies beat the Miners 28-14, Tracy was really tired after the game, but still enjoyed some of the bonfire activities .

“The bonfire was pretty lit but I had to leave early because I had homework,but i’m most excited for the dance,” Tracy said. 


by Barrett Robenholt