Roseville Golfland Sunsplash opens amidst the pandemic

Regulations and safety requirements for Sunsplash workers raise controversy


Skyler Conley

Golfland Sunsplash is often a popular destination for mini golfing, water fun, and other activities. Despite the county’s urge against it, they opened temporarily over the summer.

On Friday, May 8, Roseville Golfland Sunsplash opened its doors to the general public for the summer, despite orders from Placer County and the California Department of Public Health against such opening of water parks.

SunSplash stood firm, opting instead to limit the amount of customers allowed and to require their employees to wear masks. 

They also recommended their patrons wear face masks, as well as practice social distancing. However, neither measures were required.  

Furthermore, customers were offered a “test the waters” deal that permitted the return of tickets within the first hour of purchase and attendance should they feel unsafe.  

Cashier and customer service workers were required to wear masks, however this requirement didn’t extend to the lifeguards. This may be due to the fact that because lifeguards work in and near water, masks could pose trouble should they have to jump in and save someone.

Griffin Wetzel, a Granite Bay High class of ’20 graduate, spent this summer working as a lifeguard at SunSplash.

I was one of the only guards who (wore a mask),” Wetzel said. “They let a lot of people into the park, more than (what) felt safe.

— Griffin Wetzel

“I was one of the only guards who (wore a mask),” Wetzel said. “They let a lot of people into the park, more than (what) felt safe.” 

Wetzel mostly found problems regarding the enforcement of CDC regulations and recommendations.

“There was red tape for guests to wait at in lines,” Wetzel said. “…and (the guests) were all bunched on top of each other.”

Although Wetzel preferred to wear a mask, not all lifeguards felt the same way.

“I had a few guards even ask why I bothered (to) wear a mask,” Wetzel said.

Visiting the park early August, I also noticed that not many lifeguards opted to wear a mask. This was to be expected however, as masks weren’t a requirement for them.

The waterpark in Golfland SunSplash in Roseville is currently closed for the season, however they are still providing customers with mini golfing, go-kart racing and limited access to the arcade.