Food Review: Wingstop


Bella Hamilton

No spicy wings here! Time to feast the eyes on some crispy fries, an order of Hawaiian wings and another of garlic Parmesan.

   As far as wings go, I consider myself to be a connoisseur. Over the past 18 years, I’ve been inside numerous wing franchises and eaten my fair share of wings.

  Ergo when I was presented with the duty of reviewing a restaurant that serves wings, one restaurant always comes to mind. Wingstop.

  As far as wings go, Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop are my personal go-to’s if I ever want wings. So last Saturday, I opened my phone, decided that I was too lazy to leave the house for wings, and ordered DoorDash.

  Thirty minutes later, I got my Wingstop from the DoorDash delivery person and sat down in my boyfriend’s kitchen, preparing for a feast of fried chicken and fries.

  Surprisingly, the DoorDash person was running early and my food was still hot by the time it got to the house, which was a huge plus.

Bella Hamilton
This pineapple-y sauce is glistening in this scrumptious close-up of Wingstop’s Hawaiian wings.

  I know that to some of you, my wing sauce choices might be odd. ‘Where’s the spicy wings?’ they say. Well, I’ve never been the biggest fan of spicy wings, so I decided to take an unconventional route by ordering Hawaiian and garlic parmesan.

  The Hawaiian flavored wings were covered in a sweet and delicious sauce that brings back so many good memories. The Hawaiian wings have always been my go-to from Wingstop, so naturally, I got an order of 10. These have always been a personal favorite of mine from Wingstop, and I order them every time I go. Hawaiian isn’t spicy but it does have sweet hints of pineapple in the sauce.

   A big order of golden fries came with our wing order, and the fries were the perfect addition making this a delicious, although not-so-nutritious meal.

  Although Wingstop is a chain, they somehow manage to always make their wings delicious and fresh, unlike other chain restaurants. I keep coming back to Wingstop, and the quality never changes, which is a big reason why I like it so much.

  Overall, I was satisfied with my meal and I know that I’m going to be paying Wingstop another visit very soon.