Photo courtesy of Riot Games/Studio Fortiche.
Photo courtesy of Riot Games/Studio Fortiche.
Riot Games/Studio Fortiche

Everything you need to know about Arcane’s current plot before Season Two (*spoiler warning*)

Standing atop the precipice of negotiations that may finally unify the two cities plagued in strife, the brilliant inventor–turned–councilor smiles at his cohorts, for their struggle for progress has finally reached its end. However, a brilliant blue flash that suddenly illuminates the room had other plans for the steadfast man’s ambitions for peace.

November of 2024 marks the start of another chapter within the entry of critically-acclaimed Netflix show, “Arcane: League of Legends”. The show plans to pick up exactly where it left off from its explosive finale back in November 2021, with the fates of the two cities, Piltover and Zaun, to be revealed. Here’s everything returning viewers need to know about every major plot point from each act before its return.

Act One

Two sisters, Powder (Mia Sinclair Jenness) and Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) are taken in by Vander (JP Blanc), the unspoken leader of the undercity, following a tragic event in which their parents were killed by Piltover enforcers. Years later, the two, along with their adopted brothers, Mylo (Yuri Lowenthal) and Claggor (Roger Craig Smith), would heist the lab of a Piltovan inventor, Jayce Talis (Kevin Alejandro). Though the group was unsuccessful, Powder would eventually use the mysterious blue crystal that blew up the lab as a basis for her gadgets.

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Following the explosion of his lab, Jayce faces expulsion from his academy under councilor Heimerdinger’s (Mick Wingert) order. However, he is offered a chance to continue his research with the help of a Zaunite research assistant Viktor (Harry Lloyd). They would eventually make a breakthrough in their research, thanks to the help of councilor Mel Medarda (Toks Olagundoye)

Meanwhile, Vander, not wanting to put his adoptive children in harm’s way, turns himself in for their act of burglary. However, his arrest would be interrupted by a Zaunite crime lord named Silco (Jason Spisak), who uses a violent concoction known as Shimmer to take Vander away. This would prompt Vi to rescue Vander with the help of Mylo and Claggor, and would leave Powder behind over concerns of her safety. Wanting to prove that she can help, Powder snuck along with her own handmade bomb. Though the bomb worked, it would ultimately lead to the death of her family, save for her sister. Furiously, Vi leaves Powder in the aftermath of the chaos, leaving Powder with no one else to depend on other than Silco, who takes her under his wing.

Act Two

Several years later, Viktor and now-turned-councilor Jayce’s Hextech would provide Piltover with many technological advancements and a new holiday, Progress Day, that celebrates the city’s prosperity. On the other hand, Powder, now a mentally-unstable criminal known as Jinx (Ella Purnell), now works under Silco’s command, and acquires a Hextech gemstone following an attack on a shipment en route to Piltover.

Caitlyn Kiramman (Katie Leung), a Piltover enforcer, investigates the aftermath of these events, and ends up freeing a grown-up Vi from prison in order to find more leads on Silco’s plans. Later, Vi ends up learning about her sister’s whereabouts, and forms a mutual partnership with Caitlyn.

Eventually, Vi and Jinx would reunite in Zaun, but Jinx’s misunderstanding between Vi’s relationship with Caitlyn would cut their reunion short.

Act Three

As their ideations of plans for Hextech technology begin to differ, Jayce and Viktor go their separate ways, with Jayce using Hextech to create weapons while Viktor wanting to use it to increase his dwindling lifespan. Meanwhile, Jinx’s Hextech crystal would fall into the hands of her long-lost friend, Ekko (Reed Lorenzo Shannon), who is later persuaded to return it to Jayce.

However, a confrontation between Jinx and Ekko would leave both parties gravely injured. In the aftermath, Silco uses a concoction of Shimmer to heal Jinx, giving her superhuman powers. Meanwhile, Mel’s mother, Ambessa Medarda (Ellen Thomas) visits her from the nation of Noxus to concern her about an upcoming war.
In the last episode, Jayce proposes Silco Zaunite independence and access to Piltover’s resources in exchange for Jinx. Conflicted, Silco later thinks to himself about the treaty, but doesn’t notice an eavesdropping Jinx, who is convinced that she is being betrayed. She would then stage a dinner scene with him, Vi, and Caitlyn at a table, and offers Vi to be her sister if she gets rid of Caitlyn. As tensions escalate between Silco and Vi, Jinx, in the midst of a breakdown, opens fire and accidentally kills Silco. Accepting the fact that she and her sister have gone their separate ways, Jinx readies and fires a rocket towards the Council, with the fates of the council members to be revealed in the next chapter.

What’s Next?

Though not much information has been revealed about Season Two, a teaser shows Jinx ominously walking down the bridge that connects Pilover and Zaun together. Based on this, eagle-eyed fans speculate that next season will plunge the two cities into war, with Jinx at the forefront of the action. In addition, it is inferred that the nation of Noxus may play a huge role within the plot of the next season, with Ambessa’s aforementioned war possibly foreshadowing a future plotpoint. No matter what happens, fans of Arcane will be seated for the next chapter in Riot Games’s award-winning animated show.

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