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$uicideboy$ Golden 1 Center prices reflect popularity

Grey 59
The Boy$ performing on the annual GreyDay

Since the very first Grey Day tour back in 2019, ticket prices have significantly increased. Pit tickets used to cost not more than $40. Now, in 2024, the official website G*59 Records charges almost 400 dollars for the pit.

Some of the reasons for the price rise is limited availability and high demand. Now, the New Orleans rap duo is one of the most popular bands of underground rap worldwide, with 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

The 2024 Grey Day in Sacramento,CA is scheduled for Aug 27.

The concert will take place at Golden 1 Center. Along with the $uicideboy$, there will be other rappers such as Denzel Curry, Pouya, Haarper, Shakewell and Ekkstasy.

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Including other rappers, besides the $uicideboy$, can enhance the overall experience for fans by diversifying the lineup.

“It’s going to be a life changing experience,” Sandra Bonilla, a sophomore in Granite Bay High School said.

Some artists bond over shared ambitions; $uicideboy$ promised each other to make it work no matter the circumstances.

Aristos Petrou( Ruby da Cherry) and Scott Arceneaux($crim) are two cousins from New Orleans, Louisiana.

$uicideboy$ started gaining fame back in 2014, when they just made a rough sketch of their music.

Uploading their output on SoundCloud, collaborations with rising artists and participation in underground rap events helped them to stand out of the crowd and build up their name – $uicideboy$.

After releasing dozens of projects, they’ve generated billions of streams and earned multiple RIAA, including platinum and gold.

The New Orleans punk-rap duo joined the Top 30 most-streamed artists across all genres with over 15 billion careers streams.

“Their style of music is very unique. And they’re, like, that’s the vibe I’ve been looking for. In music, I haven’t found that anywhere else,” Madison Cary, a sophomore at GBHS said.

The $uicideboys are loved by their fans for their catchy style and raw honesty in every song.

“My opinion is that their lyrics are very relatable. I don’t know. I just find comfort in their music and I really like it,” Diva Murray, a freshman in GBHS said.

$uicideboy$’ authenticity in their music deeply resonates with their audience and helps people connect with every idea poured into the song.

“So they just sing about how you need to find your best self. And just be true to yourself and be who you want to be without worrying what others think. Like they talked about how to overcome struggles and like addictions and stuff, and how, like you don’t need that in your life to be like who you are like that’s not who you are,” Cary said.

The audience often finds connection in $uicideboy$ lyrics referring to personal struggles and attempts to be a better version of yourself. The New Orleans duo encourages their listeners to focus on themselves and never stop believing in themselves.

“People might be like ‘Oh my gosh, like this is like a band that really connects to me spiritually and emotionally’ and I thought I was alone in this, but no,” Bonilla said.

$uicideboy$’ lyrics are mainly dedicated to hardships that come on their way, and the audience can relate to it. Young fans often need to feel that there are other people around who go through stuff too; that they are not the only ones.

“I think it’s just like a family G59. And everyone comes together and relates to it, and it’s just really nice,” Murray said.

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