Food Review: Costco Acai Frozen Yogurt



Costco used to offer a chocolate-vanilla swirl frozen yogurt, but it has since been replaced with this acai-vanilla.


  Where else could I get a pack of 55 pieces of Godiva ganache chocolate for less than nine dollars? The answer: Nowhere.

  This gloriously massive retail chain store is the place to buy delicious food in bulk, and its food court is something to be admired.

  Their pizzas are HUGE and their churros are delightful, but the true star of Costco’s food court is… the frozen yogurt.

  I’ll admit, I always glossed over the fact that the gooey and creamy frozen yogurt sundaes Costco offers were, in fact, frozen yogurt. I’m not sure what I thought they were beforehand, but Costco’s frozen yogurt was on a different level from all other frozen yogurts I’ve had.

  That creamy, soft, gooey vanilla sundae with strawberry soft serve was the highlight of almost every trip to Costco I’ve ever made.

  The food court was transformed from the last time I’d seen it, with self-ordering stations and a huge space on their counter that had swarms of people buzzing impatiently for their food.

  I had chosen to pay cash and therefore was not able to use the self-ordering devices, and the wait was… substantial. The day I was there, they were overwhelmed with orders. It took 15 minutes for me to make my way to the front of the line, and for some strange reason, the cashier left.

  Needless to say, I was not happy. I wasn’t upset per se, but I was very close to it. The moment the cashier came back, however, she was very apologetic. Once she rung me up, I got my vanilla and acai swirl in a jiffy.

  And let me say, my sour mood disappeared the second I placed that spoonful of chilly goodness into my mouth. The acai sorbet — at least, what I thought was sorbet-like soft serve– was tangy and sweet, perfectly balanced with the vanilla.

   Now, with my most recent Costco adventures in tow, the vanilla and acai swirl has become my new go-to treat.