Cheering on Homecoming: Sonja Anderson reveals behind the scenes prep for the big game

Sonja Anderson poses for the camera.
Sonja Anderson poses for the camera.

Yet another Homecoming passes by, sophomore Sonja Anderson revealed the work behind the big night as a cheerleader. There is a lot of work that went behind Homecoming, including halftime.

With only a few weeks to create and perfect a difficult routine, there was a lot of stress distributed before and during the big performance. As cheerleaders, they must keep the crowd riled up for the game.

“A good performance means good energy for the game, and an exciting day that brings the school together,” Anderson said.

During practice, the team takes knowing the material very seriously. If it doesn’t look perfect, they will review sections over and over until it is in sync.

“We worked on separate pieces of the routine and stunted for hours until it looked flawless. Some people even worked on stunts outside of practice,” Anderson said.

There is more than a cheer routine for halftime, but the event coming together as a whole really unites the school.

“There’s more people than at the Bonfire, with floats, food, fireworks, and more. I definitely feel involved at my highschool and enjoy the opportunities, such as halftimes, our team has,” Anderson said.

Cheer leaders are supposed to show school spirit. They help excite the crowd during the game. “I made Hoco awesome by being full of energy and staying positive and excited throughout the night!” Anderson said.

During the big game, the football players aren’t the only people who have to put in work, there is conditioning throughout the game and still having to remain hyped.

“Every Time our team makes a touchdown, we have the total points scored in pushups, which after a while, gets really hard!” Anderson said.

This exciting nite may only last a few hours, but the memories last a lifetime.

“In the end, you only have four years of high school. Take advantage of it,” Anderson said. 


by Nicole Whitten