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Many students at Granite Bay juggle many AP courses.

Juggling APs: A quick crash course in AP classes

Sabine Kanz, Assistant Opinions Editor
February 26, 2024

It's not uncommon to hear of Granite Bay High School students taking as many AP courses as their age.  According to the US News and World Report, GBHS...

Perry-Smith triumphantly intercepts the football as the Grizzlies now have possession and earn a chance to score.

The Offseason Grind – What Student-Athletes Do to Prepare for the Upcoming Season

Sakura Watanabe, Staff Writer
January 19, 2024

As the fall sports season ends, the practices, tournaments and matches that a student-athlete had during their season were immediately cut off. Not...

D&D group (left to right): Krishna Bangalore, Vincent Baldree, Elijah Brady and Brody Schaiper plays D&D.

Can Dungeons and Dragons Bring Education to the Table?

Jerry Luan, Staff Writer
December 1, 2023

   The rogue swipes the magic totem. Roll the dice and add the modifiers. Check to see if the dragon noticed. Roll some more dice. The magic takes effect....

Sophomore Maile Zeng smiles with her trophy after winning the state champion title for her oratory speech performances.

Maile Zeng’s milestone at speech state championships

Ryan Kim, Staff
May 19, 2023

   Granite Bay High School student Maile Zeng stands amongst several of her competitors in front of a massive crowd. She has made it to the state finals...

Jay Nolen, a freshman at GBHS, has been doing her makeup since the sixth grade. She worked her way from mascara to full eyeshadow and graphic liner looks. “I’ve seen some cool looks (on social media) with graphic liners that I might try but usually, I do my own thing,” Nolen said. Her looks, on average, take about 30 minutes to an hour in the morning.

Wake up, makeup!

Sienna Rodriguez, Staff Writer
May 9, 2023

GBHS teens take part in annual mission trip to Mexicali

GBHS teens take part in annual mission trip to Mexicali

Loren Toeniskoetter, Intro Staff Writer
April 28, 2023

On a scorching Mexicali day, junior Jaylin Arnold sits in the back of a truck, talking with her team members in preparation for their day camp where they...

GBHS College and Career Center offers students a variety of resources from books on standardized test prep to brochures on making college choices.

GBHS’ College and Career Center story offers underutilized opportunities

Aiden Lai, Staff Writer
April 24, 2023

As college admissions start to roll out and seniors buzz about their future plans, it's time for the underclassmen (and especially juniors) to start looking...

GBHS mountain biker Ozzy Vogt blazes by on the rough Fort Ord trail.

GBHS’ mountain bike team rides to success

Ryan Kim, Staff Writer
April 23, 2023

   His heart races as he holds at the start line of a Nica biking tournament, his eyes on the track and his feet ready to explode on his pedals. All...

Flyers for several pre-college programs offered by colleges and universities across California.

Pre-College Programs: Paying for Prestige?

Ryan Kim, Staff writer
March 23, 2023

To many high school students, the idea of spending your summer at a prestigious college can be an incredible opportunity they can’t pass down. Popular...

Senior and Speech and Debate co-captain Salini Pillai poses with her trophy after winning 14th place in Speaker in LD.

Debate team co-captain takes impressive title at Nationals

Batul Zanzi, Assistant editor
September 15, 2022

A historic moment in the GBHS community was achieved when senior and Speech and Debate co-captain Salini Pillai won 14th in Speakers in LD at Nationals....

Hartman heads to worlds

Hartman heads to worlds

Ria Dhamejani, Co-Editor-in-chief
September 28, 2021

With a pounding heart and a wobbling boat, Senior Elsa Hartman was doubtful of a win as she and her team raced for the USA rowing competition in Bulgaria. After...

Students at GBHS can pick up rocks with uplifting messages from the rock garden to help relieve stress.

Mental health deteriorates as the pandemic progresses

Trinity Jones, Staff Writer
April 3, 2021

COVID-19 hitting the world has undoubtedly caused great havoc. Death seemed to be inevitable and fate would be far out of reach. Mental illness became...

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