Wake up, makeup!

Four GBHS students share their tips and tricks to achieving their unique makeup looks.

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  • Leigha Morales, a freshman at GBHS, also known as Mars, has been doing their makeup for a few years. “I started doing just eyeshadow and expanded, doing more graphic liner looks and base makeup,” Morales said. Nowadays, they can be seen with simple eyeshadow and liner looks. Morales’ makeup takes almost an hour to do in the morning.

  • Freshman Leigha Morales shares one of their makeup looks.

  • James Singh, a senior at GBHS, has been doing his makeup since freshman year. His looks consist of graphic liners, colorful eyeshadows and strong contour. “I started doing it to try to masculinize my features more and then I got to have some fun with it,” Singh said. On average, his looks take about five to 20 minutes in total. For formals however, Singh’s looks take almost an hour.

  • Senior James Singh displays one of his makeup looks.

  • Jay Nolen, a freshman at GBHS, has been doing her makeup since the sixth grade. She worked her way from mascara to full eyeshadow and graphic liner looks. “I’ve seen some cool looks (on social media) with graphic liners that I might try but usually, I do my own thing,” Nolen said. Her looks, on average, take about 30 minutes to an hour in the morning.

  • Freshman Jay Nolen poses in one of her makeup looks.

  • Serene Cheng, a senior at GBHS, has been doing her makeup since sophomore year. She started with simple eyeliner and now does looks with eyeshadow and blush. “I would wear makeup for events and then I wore makeup when I felt like it.” Cheng said. Her looks take about 30 minutes in the morning before she leaves for school.

  • Senior Serene Cheng shares one of her makeup looks.

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