Write here, Write now: Creative Writing Club

Write here, Write now: Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is back after a long hiatus. 

This year, seniors Kate Rowberry and Miya McClymont stepped up to undertake this endeavor.

¨I made the Creative Writing Club because I noticed that on campus besides journalism, and the regular English classes, there weren’t that many spaces for people who like to write,¨ co-president of the Creative Writing Club Kate Rowberry said. ¨I knew that I would have wanted to join a creative writing club, but since there wasn’t one, I had to start one.”

Now, they hold meetings once a week on Tuesdays during Grizz time in english teacher and club advisor, Michael Handling’s room 923. 

 ¨I want to empower people that do like to write to know that there is a space for them,¨ Rowberry said. “And to know that they’re not alone, because writing is typically a solitary activity.

¨I want to empower people that do like to write to know that there is a space for them. ”

— Kate Rowberry co-president of the Creative Writing Club, GBHS

 The Creative Writing club is open to anyone and everyone. Every person has a different viewpoint. It just depends on who is reading the story. Everything we experience in life  can be put into words,  not just helping one self but others too.

¨I want people in our club to feel safe, but also let off some steam from school,¨ GBHS senior and co-president of the Creative Writing Club Miya McClymont said. ¨I think people kind of look forward to just sitting down and just writing whatever they feel like writing.¨

 Students express their creativity through games and using props in addition to writing.  Recently the club played “Chain,”  where one person starts to write and the whole group gets a chance to add on, eventually creating a story.

 ¨You can make anything you want happen. You can have…full creative writing, you can do whatever you want,¨ McClymont said. 

The writing process can pose a time bending question.

¨With writing, the reader can imagine this fictitious reality however their mind manifests it to be,” GBHS senior and member Karleigh Osenbaugh said. “The best part about it is that no two people will ever imagine one story the same. It’s personal in a deeper sense.¨

The Creative writing club is a safe place for  young writers  to write, talk and share their ideas.

¨It is so healthy and it serves you in many ways,¨Osenbaugh said. “When you write about your feelings you’re translating those confusing and weird emotions into comprehensive sentences. ¨

The Creative Writing Club’s impact differs by individual, every writer and reader- anyone who is  brave enough to put their heart and soul into a piece of art such as writing. It has the same impact, a feeling of freedom, and home.

¨I hope this club brings voice to those who have been silent for far too long,¨ Handling said.