Will Craig shows next level potential

The Granite Bay High School football program has a long history of raising collegiate and pro level athletes and junior William Craig is continuing this tradition.

Over recent months, Craig has received over 10 division one offers – a reflection of both his talent and dedication.

“I started playing football in 6th grade,” Craig said. “I liked the sport right off the bat and continued to play.”

His enjoyment of football has continued throughout high school, and has started to intensify over the past two years.

“It wasn’t until sophomore year that I really thought I would be playing football in college. Before then I was just playing because I liked the sport.” Craig said

When Craig finally got to highschool, head GBHS football coach Jeff Evans said that he performed the same way they thought he would.

Will has filled the lofty expectations that we have had for him,” Evans said.

Craig’s dominate presence on the field is what really makes him stand out.

“I pride myself on my run blocking mostly,” Craig said.

Craig added that he wouldn’t be able to shine on the field without his fellow lineman.

“The whole line has to be in harmony for things to work. We all have a specific job to do and we all count on each other,” Craig said

Evans accredits Craig’s success to a plethora of features.

“During each individual play, Will is very athletic and very strong,” Evans said. “He has a very rare combination of size, agility, and strength that we usually do not see out of high school football players.”

Evans also said how coachable of a player Craig is. Adding that “he is able to absorb the coaching that he gets during the week” and is still able to “produce on Friday nights.”

Evans continued by saying that it is not just Craig’s physical prowess that makes him dominant.

“It is a mistake people make to write off his success due to his size and speed. All of his physical attributes only add up to so much.”

Like many athletes, Craig was in uncharted territory after  receiving his first few offers and still is as he continues to receive more and more looks and offers.

“It has been a bit overwhelming, but I’m very thankful for all of them,” Craig said.

As a whole, Craig appreciates and recognizes the importance of his peers and relatives throughout the entire recruiting process.

“My teammates and family are all very supportive through everything,” Craig said

When Janet Craig, Will’s mother, started to see the letters come in from prestigious universities, all that was happening really set in.

Will has participated in sports from a young age because he enjoyed them – not with the goal of obtaining a scholarship. So when scholarship offers began for football this past summer, it was thrilling and unexpected,” Janet Craig said.

Craig’s first offer, from Sacramento State,  occurred right on the field during his visit and was one of the more special ones.

It was very unexpected – kind of like winning the lottery” Janet Craig said.

When a player has received numerous offers, a lot of pressure is presented to them to perform well. But despite this pressure, Craig looks forward to continue playing at a high level.

Acknowledging the pressure, Craig still assured that there is “no way will it affect how I play this next season.”

Coach Evans stated that the real pressure is not always from performance or how many looks a Craig is getting.

(It’s) going to be whether or not he can stay grounded, stay focused on his schooling and the positive behaviors that earned him these opportunities and stay humble,” Evans said.

As Craig continues his school campaign as a captain of the team in his 2017 season, her will continue to show his hard work and humility.  

“We have – zero – doubt in Will’s ability to handle this pressure,” Evans said. “He is a better person than a player.”